Why You Need A Business Coach

Working alone in a home office has its challenges.  In this article, I will explain why you need a business coach, especially if you are a solopreneur.

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Your 2019 Focus

The beginning of a new business year! Have you determined what your 2019 focus will be? It’s been on my mind all week since I have chosen this as the topic for discussion in this week’s Being Your Own CEO Success Circle. Participants will share what theirs will be.

Why is this an important question for solopreneurs who have been in business for a while? We have our usual weekly processes set by now and it’s so easy to just carry on – same old-same old. But surely we would like to take it up a notch. Will it be an expansion? An improvement? A new market? A new project?

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Music That Touches The Heart

Throughout this holiday season, I have listened and watched a lot of traditional material and as usual have been dismayed by all the consumerism and “same old-same old”. I wanted a gift for you that is unique, touching and thought-provoking. Last year I provided My Gift To You, that quoted an amazing John Donahue poem. How could I possibly top that? And then, by chance, I found some music that touches the heart. This just might be it!

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