What About Our Planet?

We are all saddened and a bit panicky because of the horrendous impacts we are viewing from fires in BC and California, hurricanes in the Atlantic and earthquakes in Mexico and Italy.  All this in such a concentrated time has led me to ask “What about our planet?” and “What can I do?”

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Personal Journal: This Was A Special Thanksgiving

As I write in this personal journal, I conclude – this was a special Thanksgiving! 

How It All Started

My walking, singing friend Robyn and I created a new tradition this summer.  We combined our regular Saturday morning walk with a visit to local farmers’ markets.  We visited about 15 different markets in south Vancouver Island and found wonderful fresh produce.  This meant that we needed very few visits to supermarkets this summer.

This weekend was the final outdoor market, so we returned to our favourite which is in the heart of agricultural land in North Saanich.  We were looking for items needed for that traditional dinner.  As it turns out, we found three additional local stalls that we didn’t know about.  We found WONDERFUL fresh corn, cranberries, salad greens, potatoes and pumpkins.

What Made It Special?

  1. Connecting with the farmers who grew the vegetables;
  2. A walk in an agricultural area with great views of some winter crops already well underway;
  3. The intensity of harvest colours.  All of the places we visited had artistic pumpkin/sunflower/dried pod displays at their entrances;
  4. We found all the items needed for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner;
  5. My friend invited me to join her family gathering.  And as I remember that lovely meal, I think of a favourite song my choir sings at potlucks.   We Give Thanks by Laurence Cole – you can find the lyrics, sheet music and recording here.  Thank you Robyn, Ian, Shani, Jeff, Jasmine and Logan for a lovely warm and welcoming meal.

Today’s Reflection

As I reflect today, I began thinking about the meaning of Thanksgiving here in Canada and realize that giving thanks is not unique to here.  Many parts of the world and other cultures have similar ceremonies and celebrations.  But I wanted to delve into the Canadian experience.  Here are three interesting articles that helped me gain a sense of our history:

  1. History of Thanksgiving Day 
  2. Roots in Indigenous Culture
  3. Religious and Nationalist Origins 

Mindset Monday Reflection (Posted on Tuesday)

My Conclusion?  Living our urban lifestyle tends to make us forget the joy and beauty of the harvest.  Our health and happiness is so enhanced by walking in wonderful places and connecting with our food growers in a personal way –  A truly positive, emotional experience.

I hope your Thanksgiving was/will be as meaningful as mine.  (I know that my International friends celebrate at different times.)  Please share your experiences and plans below.



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Overwhelm – a Cause of Procrastination

Solopreneurs often feel overwhelmed – they must wear many business hats, and everything feels important simultaneously. We have been exploring the causes of procrastination and have determined that overwhelm is one of the major causes.  Today we will talk about what to do when you feel overwhelmed.

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