2015 Announcement

Welcome to 2015 and welcome to my new website!

It took quite a while but it’s pretty well finished. Have a look and see what you think
of it. I must give a shout out to Ryan LaBelle, my WordPress Coach. His knowledge
and support have been so valuable. His business is now focused on Theme Development, You can find his Pursuit theme on Theme Forest.

I hope that you will find my new direction and focus interesting. As you will see, my focus is mainly on solopreneurs (the self employed) If this field is of no interest to you, I understand and suggest that you unsubscribe. But before you do, would you please share my site with friends and colleagues that might find the site useful.

My 2015 Plan

My plan is to blog topics of interest to solopreneurs once or twice per month and to be active on Google Plus weekly. I hope you can find the time to join my Success Circle Being Your Own CEO Hangout on Google Plus. If you need some support while you get acquainted with the process, let me know and I can walk you through the process by phone.


For people who find they are putting things off, my eBook Guide for 
Procrastinators can be found on the Hello Bar at the top of every page. Enter you name and e-mail to receive a copy.

What activities are you most likely to procrastinate on?  Mine?  Well it would be the monthly bookkeeping activity.  It’s not bad once I’m at it but I can sure put it off for way too long.

If you post yours here, I promised to address the issue in future blog posts.

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