3 Home Based Business Ideas For Seniors

At this stage of your life, you have some advantages that other age cohorts are not likely to have.  To generate home-based business ideas for seniors, it will be important to discover what those advantages are.

What is a Home Based Business?

Desk and Computer

A “home-based business” or “HBB” can be defined as a business that is run by one person out of their home. HBBs are most often connected to the internet so that they can be found by prospective customers.   The product or service can be provided online or in person.

So if you have room for a desk and a computer somewhere in your house, you are good to go.

Now let’s turn to those advantages we seniors have.

Retiree in BusinessSenior Advantages

  • We have wisdom and relationship skills that can be shared with other age cohorts;
  • We  have advanced business skills they are not likely to have acquired yet;
  • We know how to do a lot of other things.

You’ll need to spend some time reviewing your life and identifying what you have learned that can be shared.  I often suggest looking at the things you love to do first.  My introductory course, How To Find My Passion,  can guide you through the process of discovering what you love doing.

Look for knowledge, skills and relationship building in your past.  Then decide who could benefit from what you have to offer and where they can be found.  And in today’s online world, you will also need to review your technological capabilities – both your equipment and program skills.  I was able to get some advanced online training from Wealthy Affiliate. It’s a great community that provides technological training one small chunk at a time.

Now do some brainstorming based on your own skills and passion, considering the three advantages.  I share the results of my brainstorming to help stimulate your thinking:

3 Home Based Business Ideas For Seniors

1.  Share Your Wisdom and Social Relationship Management Skills

Given the latest trend of both parents working and struggling to cover all their parenting bases, you could be a surrogate grandparent.  You can also get adults together socially in this time of isolation:

  • Pre-teen reading guidance – Reading books and discovering lessons learned together using Zoom or Meet;
  • Student Support – helping students stay focused and accountable to themselves with their assignments.  Teaching them financial management and economical, healthy meal planning through online coaching;
  • Teaching music appreciation  or instrument playing to a youth;
  • Teaching meeting management and facilitation skills to youth groups;
  • Helping youth discover their strengths and providing ongoing encouragement;
  • Guide youth through a creative exercise such as how to write a comic book;
  • Providing homework completion support;
  • Organize a weekly social event for shut-ins – movie, scrabble game, book reading – followed by group discussion;
  • Start an online getting in shape/weight loss club.  Provide the needed gear (yoga mat, weights, stretch bands, meditation tape, etc.);
  • Watch movies and write review blogs for online movie/book clubs;
  • Teach people how to play bridge or other games.

Doing Administrative Work2.  Share your advanced Administrative Skills as a Contractor.

For most non-profits and small businesses, many of these tasks never seem to get the attention they deserve because there is often a shortage of staff:

  • Proposal Writing;
  • Taking minutes and transcribing;
  • Re-organizing electronic &/or paper files;
  • Shredding or printing on demand;
  • Scheduling and facilitating meetings;
  • Updating and editing policy/procedure manuals;
  • Organizing content that must be legally held for 7 – 10 years;
  • Doing tax returns;
  • Doing web consulting – even simple website development:
  • Creating instructional videos for hosting on small business websites;
  • Teaching people how to use and integrate Microsoft or Google products.

Dog Grooming3.  Share Your Creative & Home Skills

There is no end to the things that need to be done that householders and shut-ins either dislike doing, don’t have the time or physical capabilities to do:

  • Create a gift basket service using locally made items for special occasions;
  • Be an event planner for mid-career folks – house/garden party, grad party, weddings, christenings, birthdays;
  • Start a mobile pet care service – walking, grooming, feeding;
  • Create a home cleaning service to organize weekly tidying, vacuuming, laundry, carpet/window cleaning;
  • Become a travelling chef that does dinner parties – plans, cooks and cleans up;
  • Provide a home re-decorating service – making curtains,  accent pillows, arranging  painting and carpet cleaning;
  • Create an Uber service for shut-ins such as getting groceries, bringing them home and putting them away;
  • Taking seniors to appointments – hair, dental, doctor;
  • Provide a support service for organizing family photos or important documents;
  • Provide a re-organizing service – houseclean the kitchen, winterize the balcony garden, shred outdated papers, organize closets & dressers, clean out the freezer;
  • Read books and recording for AudioBook companies;
  • Teach people quilting, pottery, photography, knitting/crochet, soap making, card making.  Sell your own crafts online;
  • Teach basic skills to online newbies using smartphones, tablets or Chromebooks;
  • Teach indoor/balcony gardening;
  • Write eBooks on topics of interest.

After your brainstorming exercise, you will have to make a decision and begin to plan your business.  It is important that you research and think through every aspect before taking any action.

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My Business Mastery Plan Course will help you through this important planning process. You will find all my courses listed here

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