A Fruitful, Enjoyable Third Age

As we approach our Third Age, we can often feel a shift happening, and a vague or even sometimes demanding need for some changes, but are uncertain about where to begin, or what to do about it. And as we experience the changing world around us, we notice other shifts occurring.

 In his book A Whole New Mind. Daniel Pink suggests that we are moving toward what he calls the Conceptual Age, a time when right brain skills will become more and more important. Society will begin to place high value on what he calls the six senses: Design, Story, Symphony, Empathy, Play and Meaning. These are often where our yearnings lie as we approach our Third Age.

 One way to get a handle on these yearnings is to explore six core adult passions as described by Frederic Hudson & Pamela McLean in Life Launch. In this and subsequent articles we will review these passions, and suggest some ways to get in touch with our own thinking and feelings about them.

Personal Mastery or claiming yourself involves getting in touch with one’s inner sense of self. To do that, it’s important to know what motivates us, what we think is important and where we are going. It involves our self image, how we describe ourselves, our values, standards, principles, boundaries, roles and goals.

  • How many pages can you write about yourself?
  • Who you are,
  • Where you are now and
  • Where do you want to go?”
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