A Whole New Mind – Right Brain Inspiration for Organizations



Daniel H. Pink has written a fascinating book about Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future.

Looking into Pink’s future is thought provoking and stimulating. He gives three questions about our work that tells we are moving into the Conceptual Age:

      • Can someone overseas do it cheaper?
      • Can a computer do it faster?
      • Is what I’m offering in demand in an age of abundance?

The left brain skills of the Information Age will no longer be enough if we want/need to add something of value. “In the Conceptual Age, we will need to complement our L-Directed reasoning by mastering six essential R-Directed aptitudes. Together these six high-concept, high-touch senses can help develop the whole new mind this new era demands.”

      1. Not just function but also DESIGN.
      2. Not just argument but also STORY.
      3. Not just focus but also SYMPHONY.
      4. Not just logic but also EMPATHY.
      5. Not just seriousness but also PLAY.
      6. Not just accumulation but also MEANING.

If your organization is looking at future trends, this book is a must read.

A Whole New Mind – Why Right-Brainers Will Rule The Future by Daniel H. Pink, 2005, ISBN 1-57322-308-5

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