Advantages of Being Self Employed

Last week, while discussing the Disadvantages of Being Self Employed, I concluded that for success in business, it’s critical that we are very clear about why we want to become a solopreneur.  And I invited you to think about the most important advantage to being in business for you.
As I thought about this question for myself, I came to the conclusion there are two main reasons and many aspects connected to each. I believe it all boils down to Choice and Control

 I get to choose-

  • my work schedule.  I get to work when I am most productive, and when something important arises or I feel ill, I can choose to take the day off.  However, I may have to compensate in some way.
  • where I will work.  Working from home works for some, and not others.  Sometimes when I need a break, I can even work from the coffee shop or on the beach.
  • my work space.  I can design the space so that it works only for me – how much day light, how much silence or sound, number of plants or personal items, how much privacy.
  • my outfit.  Sometimes it works to be comfortable, while others it works to dress for business.
  • my own rules.  I get to define and enact values like honesty, authenticity, accountability.
  • the right equipment.  I get to fit the equipment to my workstyle and my potential client.  I can decide that faxing is outdated and that I will go paperless.
  • my clients.  Let’s face it, there will be clients that I just don’t enjoy trying to help.
  • my colleagues.  Sometimes I may need to partner up.

 I have control over-

  • All the decisions
  • How many clients I get work work with.
  • Business direction.  I can take action on a dime, and move into a new market quickly.
  • Whether to move toward a new business potential.
  • Whether to hire a contractor; someone that is compatible.
  • The variety in my work.  I don’t need to be stuck with just one type of activity.
  • My profits (after tax of course) Yes, there are both fixed and variable expenses.
  • How to promote my business.  How many networks I need and how much time I devote to them.
  • The processes that make my business effective and efficient.  I decide what programs and software to use if any.
  • Obligations.  I get to negotiate/determine the content of all contract and agreements.
Of course I must acknowledge that there are external forces that that I don’t choose or control, but I can decide to respond rather than react.  I can seek help from a business coach  to think through what the options are and which is the most appropriate action to take.
Your Monday Mindset challenge is to look at your business and decide whether there some things that you want to choose and take control over.
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