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How To Build A Retirement Career

In keeping with the recent Mindset Monday blog posts dealing with retirement, I thought a repeat of last year’s piece “How To Build A Retirement Career” would be appropriate:

If you have passed the big Six-O birthday you are beginning to consider retirement from your main “Second Age” career, especially if you have spent many years working for a company or government.  Once you have made the decision on the date, you begin to wonder what will I do with the twenty or more years I have left on this planet? The question arises “How to Build A Retirement Career?”

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What is Retirement All About?

In What Is Retirement All About, five solopreneurs conclude that retirement is not about contraction; it’s about having choices and flexibility.  The same advantages and obstacles as being in business for yourself.

 What About Retirement

You will find timestamps below so that you can move to the interest area of your choice in this 40-minute video discussion.

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Making the Retirement Decision

Lately, Mindset Monday has been exploring the concept of Money Worries in The Third Age  For those who are still making the retirement decision, reflective questions are provided here to encourage careful consideration.

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Money Worries In The Third Age

Recently, my readers provided some valuable answers to questions I posed about what gives them angst and sleepless nights.  Having enough money doing what they want to do in retirement seemed to be a common theme. Money Worries In The Third Age will explore why those worries arise and what to do about them.

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Advantages And Disadvantages of Being Self Employed

People consider self-employment for a variety of very valid reasons.  But before they take that incredible leap, it’s critical that they consider the advantages and disadvantages of being self employed carefully.

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Doing Some Research

I need your help!  I know that many of you have been on this list for a long time.  For several years now, I thought I knew what your issues were and how I might help and that accounts for the subjects that I have written about.  But as life goes on, things and circumstances change. Lately, I’ve been doing some research so that I can discover more topics that would be of interest and helpful to you the reader.

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