Becoming a Solopreneur

Becoming a solopreneur doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a process not unlike the evolutionary process we all follow in life.

Scholars have studied humanity and noted our stages of development; Spiral Dynamics is one such study.  For a review of Spiral Dynamics, here are two useful sites:  Integral Spiral Dynamics and Spiral Dynamics Model

These stages can also be applied to becoming a solopreneur.  See The Stages of Solo Enterprise diagram.  Following is a brief explanation of each stage:

Becoming A Solopreneur

  1. Conception – We begin with a dream or an idea.  There is little action at this stage but lots of thinking and talking.
  2. Investment – As the idea takes on more shape, we think about why we want to do this and we invest a lot of research time, energy and sometimes money.  We look at the pros and cons and finally come to a decision to go forward.
  3. Business Model – This is the stage where we decide on the practicalities.
    1. What is the product or service?
    2. How and where will it be delivered?
    3. Who is the target client?
    4. Is there a market for this service?
    5. What is the potential for profit?
  4. Experimentation – As the Business Model is being put into action, various approaches are tested and measured.  Adjustments are made along the way to make the business process work.
  5. Productivity – At this point, repetition helps to solidify the delivery process so that there are efficiency and consistency.
  6. Marketing – Now it becomes obvious that we must discover ways to create public awareness of the business.  Messaging is created and promotional processes are developed (business cards, website, social media engagement)
  7. Collaboration – As the need for more awareness becomes obvious, we devote more attention and energy toward networking, referral processes and online connections.
  8. Community – As success begins to grow, we realize action is required to enhance our reputation.  Our attention turns to membership in professional organizations and contribution to the community.
  9. Expansion – As time, success and new trends move on, we look for ways to improve and expand the business.  We look at new approaches, professional development and learning.

At every level of solopreneurship development, we can get stuck and need some help to move to the next stage.  The services of a business coach can help us move forward.  Visit my Coaching and Consulting Services to determine which solo enterprise service would fit your current needs.

Mindset Monday Challenge

Decide what stage you are experiencing right now and decide on one action that will move you toward the next one.

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