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Recently, one of my sons acquired a new tablet to take on an extended trip to Mexico where he will seek some good surfing.  He will use WiFi connections in airports, bus stations, hostels and coffee shops to take care of business and stay connected.  Was he aware of the dangers of getting hacked in all these public places, I asked.  Strange how we think of security for our desktops but rarely think about it for our constant companions (smart phones and tablets).  So we set out to take care of this necessary precaution.  Here are my Best Tablet Security recommendations:

Passwords Never, never use the same one for everything.  But how on earth can one person remember all those passwords?  Not a good idea to carry paper lists while travelling.  So we accessed a great program called LastPass, that stores information in the cloud so that they can be accessed no matter what the device.   Three levels of encryption provides great security.
Theft What happens if the tablet gets lost or stolen?  Lookout backs up your device data such as contacts and photos so that your information is not lost.  If you think you misplaced your device, you can access the site from another computer and tell the device to make a large scream.  When you know your device has been stolen, you can tell Lookout to wipe out the information.  Then when you acquire another device, you can upload your information and carry on.
Viruses We all know that cruising the internet from our browsers can sometimes bring in viruses that  make your device do very strange things.  AVG Antivirus will scan everything that comes into your device and isolate dangerous items.
Hackers Almost everywhere we go now, we are accessing free WiFi in order to get on to the internet, to access e-mail and social media sites.  However, we never know who has learned how to hack into unsuspecting WiFi users in order to steal identify information.  PrivateWiFi  provides an encryption service that will make your information unreadable by an outsider.
All of these services have free and premium versions that go above and beyond.  I recommend taking the premium version at least while in travelling mode.  Small price to pay for safety, confidence and convenience.
The above was written with travellers in mind but it makes sense for non-travellers as well.  Today being Monday, perhaps it’s time to review all your security systems.  How do you take care of your desktop, laptop, smart phone or tablet?  Do the research, and take action this week.
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