We All Hate Making Mistakes

Recently, a coaching client and I were exploring the concept of procrastination and came upon the notion that we all suffer from fear of failure to one degree or another. The need for perfection and our attempt to avoid making costly mistakes can sometimes prevent us from moving forward. Because we all hate making mistakes, this got me to thinking about the kinds of mistakes we make and some healthy ways of dealing with them.

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Self Talk and It’s Impact

Self-criticism has a huge impact on our day to day business. To move ahead, we must learn how to stop negative self talk.

What is self talk?

That’s the chatter that fills our heads when we are procrastinating about doing activities that make us feel uncomfortable.  Of course, this chatter comes up quickly when we are learning new skills. It inhibits our courage, confidence, concentration, hope, motivation and excitement – all necessary for extraordinary performance.

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Intention Setting For The New Year

Today, Monday is the first day of 2018, though for most solopreneurs it is not a business day.  But I personally feel the need to have some fresh direction for the coming year.  What about you? Let’s take a close look at Intention Setting For The New Year.
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