How To Define Your Target Audience

Many solopreneurs find it difficult to narrow down who they want to work with even though all the marketing gurus emphasize the importance of doing so.  This piece looks at how to define your target audience.

What do we mean by “target audience”?  Well there’s some terminology we need to clarify, but just know they all refer to the client you want to work with.

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Retirement Blogs

I made a video for you that points to some Retirement Blogs from the past.

Entrepreneurial Skills and Qualities

A few years back Michael Gerber, of E-Myth fame, referred to solopreneurs as “technicians suffering from an entrepreneurial seizure”.  I prefer to think of them as technicians who have a driving need for independence and self-reliance.  But knowing how to do the technical work (cook, coach, web developer, carpenter, etc) is not enough.  There are entrepreneurial skills and qualities that we all must learn and develop.  

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Your Definition of Success

Solopreneurs get asked this question at networking events frequently:  “How will you know your business is a success?” This means that you must have your definition of success ready.

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How to Get Focused

There are many reasons solopreneurs reach a point where they are just spinning their wheels in no particular direction. This piece seeks to answer the question many of us ask ourselves – How to get focused?

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