My Steep Learning Curve

My readers may have noticed my absence for a while.  That’s because I was totally absorbed in a new project that represents a steep learning curve for me.  It’s complete now and I’m ready to share my experience that hopefully, you will find inspiring.

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How To Spring Clean Your Business

Well, it’s spring here in Victoria BC and with it comes our need to clean up after a long winter.  In my household, I’ve been busy cleaning windows, painting, preparing the balcony for planting and cleaning carpets.  I want to have everything ship-shape so that I can enjoy the coming wonderful sunny warm weather.  It occurred to one of my Success Circle participants (thank you Paull Murray) that we should also consider spring cleaning our businesses.  Following our discussion, I share our ideas for How To Spring Clean Your Business
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Social Media Audit Template

As a solopreneur, you have no doubt taken countless pieces of advice about social media. So now you find yourself hooked up to five or six platforms.  And the question is, why are you there?  Have you been thinking lately that you may not be getting any results – other than some fun and distraction?  Why not try a Social Media Audit and find out why?
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My New Adventure

Announcement! – Today I will share my new adventure. I have written about my walking stick adventure on my new website. Hopefully, you will at least get a giggle from my experience. But I will also share the steps I took to create the site. I hope you will find enough inspiration to give it a try yourself.

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Why You Need A Business Coach

Working alone in a home office has its challenges.  In this article, I will explain why you need a business coach, especially if you are a solopreneur.

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Your 2019 Focus

The beginning of a new business year! Have you determined what your 2019 focus will be? It’s been on my mind all week since I have chosen this as the topic for discussion in this week’s Being Your Own CEO Success Circle. Participants will share what theirs will be.

Why is this an important question for solopreneurs who have been in business for a while? We have our usual weekly processes set by now and it’s so easy to just carry on – same old-same old. But surely we would like to take it up a notch. Will it be an expansion? An improvement? A new market? A new project?

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