Music That Touches The Heart

Throughout this holiday season, I have listened and watched a lot of traditional material and as usual have been dismayed by all the consumerism and “same old-same old”. I wanted a gift for you that is unique, touching and thought-provoking. Last year I provided My Gift To You, that quoted an amazing John Donahue poem. How could I possibly top that? And then, by chance, I found some music that touches the heart. This just might be it!

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On Being Found in LinkedIn

LinkedIn has been with us for a long time.  Many changes have occurred on the platform since I first published this “On Being Found on LinkedIn” blog post back in 2013.  Today I want to add some insights gained since then.

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Positive Relationships in Business

“Being in business is all about relationships!”  That should be our top of mind mantra.  So with that in mind, let’s look at how to build positive relationships in business.

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David Allen’s Brain Dump – Monday Morning

All solopreneurs lose their focus at one time or another.  For me, it was following a series of technological challenges.  I found David Allen’s Brain Dump was a great way to regain it quickly.  Though this post was first published a number of years ago, it’s advice is still very relevant.

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Online Customer Service Solutions

What does good customer service look like online?  Is it significantly different from traditional business service?  Some time ago some solopreneurs were discussing the answers to these questions in our weekly Being Your Own CEO Success Circle.  They decided that all excellent service depends on making the customer/client feel special and cared about. But what online customer service solutions should we add?  Following is a summary of the key suggestions they made:

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How To Build A Retirement Career

In keeping with the recent Mindset Monday blog posts dealing with retirement, I thought a repeat of last year’s piece “How To Build A Retirement Career” would be appropriate:

If you have passed the big Six-O birthday you are beginning to consider retirement from your main “Second Age” career, especially if you have spent many years working for a company or government.  Once you have made the decision on the date, you begin to wonder what will I do with the twenty or more years I have left on this planet? The question arises “How to Build A Retirement Career?”

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