How To Build A Retirement Career

In keeping with the recent Mindset Monday blog posts dealing with retirement, I thought a repeat of last year’s piece “How To Build A Retirement Career” would be appropriate:

If you have passed the big Six-O birthday you are beginning to consider retirement from your main “Second Age” career, especially if you have spent many years working for a company or government.  Once you have made the decision on the date, you begin to wonder what will I do with the twenty or more years I have left on this planet? The question arises “How to Build A Retirement Career?”

You are looking forward to some things that you don’t have time for now:

  • Sleeping in
  • Extended vacations
  • Travel  to exotic places
  • More time with family
  • Just doing nothing
  • More time for golf, sailing or favourite hobby

But are you feeling confused about what you should be doing long term?  You’ve read all sorts of horror stories about what happens in our idle golden years and you’ve decided you want something better.  But what does that “better” look like? Now is the time to sort it out – before that day happens. Just imagine having a plan in place that really excites you!  

How To Build a Retirement Career

I have created a program to help you create your plan.  Ten modules will be delivered to your inbox on a weekly basis and it’s my gift to you! Read more and register here

How To Build A Career With Income

If, as is mentioned in the comments below, you know that your new career must generate some income, you will find my new website of interest:  Being Your Own CEO.  You will notice the blog series with titles like:  Note:  I have combined two websites into one.  You will now find everything here on

are intended to support you as you are creating our own online business.  

On this site, I also host a weekly Success Circles for solopreneurs who need a community.  You can listen to recordings of many interesting discussions here: Previous Success Circles

Mindset Monday Challenge

What will you do immediately after retirement?  Have you decided what to do in your Third Age?  Share your thoughts and questions below in the Comment Section.

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  1. Think unless you have a great pension fund these days many will need to look for ways to supplement their retirement, especially for those woman who now face waiting till they are 66 to get their pensions


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