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  If you just need some focusing, maybe a one-hour session is all you need.

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Solopreneurship can be both personally and financially satisfying. About 2.7 million Canadians have opted for it because they are attracted by the flexibility and working for themselves. But there are challenges:

  • Finding direction – people who choose this livelihood usually know what they don’t want to do but find it difficult to clearly define what the business really does and who it serves.
  • Accountability – staying motivated is often difficult when there is no one to answer to or to set direction.
  • Business systems – creating the structures to support efficiency and effectiveness takes time and experience. Time and energy management must be learned.
  • Attracting business – marketing and sales are usually the biggest hurdles because we all have fears and biases about networking, marketing and closing the sale.
  • Discomfort – there are always things to do that we haven’t done before or don’t find enjoyable.
  • Technology – being our own IT specialist is often a huge stretch.
  • Money management – is more than just cash flow. It’s about tax reporting, multiple bank accounts and credit cards, bookkeeping, budgeting and pricing.
  • Isolation – there are no colleagues to serve as a sounding board when there are tough decisions to be made.

Here are a number of programs and supports to help you overcome these challenges and put some actions into place that will move you into a satisfying career in business for yourself.  See Why You Need A Business Coach


Please note that you will be offered a complimentary Affinity Session that helps us both decide if we are compatible and can achieve what is desired.

Business & Career Coaching

For solopreneurs that need a regular sounding board and encouragement partner.  Solopreneur coaching offers three one hour sessions per month that will:

  • Keep you focused on the important things
  • Encourage you to take action & be accountable
  • Create a balanced, harmonious life
  • Ensure better results
  • Overcome self-imposed limits and procrastination
  • Your investment:  Monthly Coaching @ $400 per month

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What’s Next For Retirees

If you are in your Second Age and wondering what to do next, this guided program will help you find your new niche in life.  Together, we will follow specific steps in the process and identify four concrete projects to enact right away.  Here’s how it works:

  • First Session – 3 hours to determine the five periods of your life and create a Life Inventory;
  • Second Session – 90 minutes to transfer the Life Inventory to an Integral Model and to begin a journaling exercise;
  • Third Session – 90 minutes to build a Vision based on what is important to you;
  • Fourth Session – 90 minutes to discover what Projects are needed to make that Vision happen.
  • Your investment:  $600

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Get Focused – Get to Work

If you are already an independent business person, a sole practitioner, or a solopreneur it’s likely that you are so busy that you’ve not taken the time to step back and focus on your long term objectives. No doubt you spend most of your time working at your business, rather than on it.  You may also find yourself avoiding things that you are not comfortable doing.    And possibly you are not getting the results that you had hoped for.

When the business is not moving forward and you are not sure why, it’s time to do some detailed analysis:

  • What you are doing now
  • What you are not doing now
  • Where you are going
  • How you will get there

In this half-day session, we will take a very detailed look at your business as it is now.  All the details of your current processes and your website.  We’ll use a Mind Map to create a visual picture. You will come away with a clear sense of your Business Vision and how it compares to the Current Reality.  The tension between them will tell you where your emphasis must be now.  You may need to create or modify your Business Plan, or you may need to focus on just one aspect of it.  Your Investment:  One half-day session @ $300

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