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In a recent Hangout, people were discussing the magic moments leading up to a purchase.  And the moderator Roland Takaoka emphasized the importance of developing a relationship with our prospects|future customers.  I began to reflect on my own relationship-building process and some critical questions arose for me.  How will I listen to my target client?  How will  I engage with them?  How do I build relationships in business?  What will I do for my prospect group?
So, as usual, I did my own brainstorm:

Some of these ideas are suitable for online activity, while others work better locally:

  • One person at a time – individually.  I heard someone say “I like to do business with a person”
  • Use their name – look in the eye – smile
  • Show and feel a genuine interest in knowing about them
  • Find out what is important to them
  • Share something about yourself
  • Find a way to introduce him/her to others – be a connector
  • Look for something you have in common
  • Notice something they need – something you can do for them
  • Find future ways to connect – coffee, walk, lunch, movie, on-line or local event, Hangout conversation
  • Share/recommend great resources –  books, films, articles, software,
  • Connect with them on social media – branch out to another platform and find them there.
  • Share their pieces with your groups on social media – Help them go viral.
  • Comment on their blog or newsletter when you have something to enhance.  Otherwise, just say you enjoyed the content.
  • Invite them along when you attend a function – share your community.
  • Discover their strengths.
  • Discover their challenges – this will take a long time because trust needs to be there first.
  • Take it gradually in all of the above.
 As I look at these ideas, I realize that this is time-consuming and will take a long time.  Our marketing activities have moved way beyond the old advertising methods.  And we must realize that as more and more people use their smartphones, we must learn how to use them for relationship building.
Your Monday Challenge is to answer these questions for your solo business.  Consider how you will fit these activities into your weekly processes.  Be as specific as you can.  :
  1. How will you listen to your target client?
  2. How will you engage with them?
  3. How do you develop relationships in business?
  4. What will you do for your prospect group?
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  1. Good morning, L\A, also very applicable to my business because the same holds true for my clients even though they don’t pay me directly. Have a great week.

    • Lynn, you are so right. I recall using these same techniques in my government job (a hundred years ago 🙂


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