How To Build A Retirement Career

Are you about to retire from your Second Age career and moving toward your Third Age one?  Quite likely you have twenty years or more left on this planet.  But what will you do with that time?  Chances are you’ve been looking forward to some things you don’t have time for now, such as:

  • Sleeping in
  • Extended vacations
  • Travel to exotic places 
  • More time with family 
  • Just doing nothing 
  • Playing more golf

But are you feeling confused about what you really should be doing?  You’ve read all sorts of horror stories about what happens in our golden years and you’ve decided you want something better.  What does that “better” look like?  Now is the time to sort it out – before that day happens.

Just imagine having a plan in place that really excites you.  Sign up here for my ten-module complimentary course and see how to build your new retirement career. You will receive one module per week.


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Get Ready For Your Retirement

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Are you thinking about retirement?

There are lots of things to consider.  Let’s make sure you have a plan that you gives you joy just thinking about it!

This is my gift to you!