Feedback From My Clients

Testimonials – LowellAnn Fuglsang

  • Coaching gave me intentional focus.  Sometimes I have so many things going on I don’t stop to consciously prioritize my goals.  I realize I needed more support with my work.  I am very pleased with what we accomplished (in one month).  You really listened and reflected back thoughts I had which we then elaborated on.  Thank you.  HH
  • What was the outcome?  Awareness of my abilities, what I need to work on and tools to help me improve my skill set, particularly on how I deal with people.  Light bulbs definitely came on more than once.  Learning how to ask questions positively to get input was a highlight.  AF
  • I was sorting through my saved items folder today and came across your information again.  I just wanted to let you know that after applying to go back to school again this year I have been accepted (WOOHOO!)  I am trying to decide between programs at U of *** and U of ***, and have been using a lot of the tools you gave me, Thank you.  LB
  • Outcome of our coaching was my increased confidence level in team meetings.  With this coaching, I developed ways to get above the teams looking at my age and experience as a barrier and get the teams to buy into the information I was trying to present.  I accomplished what I set out to – I was made aware of my language and learned to change it during presentations.  I also learned time management techniques to assist me in my project planning.  Giving out tasks and showing how the individuals benefited from these tasks were another takeaway. JM
  • My original goals have changed because now I have a learning plan to follow in order to move ahead in my career.  LB
  • HOST (Home Office Support Team) has an inspired planning committee under the guidance of capable coach Lowell Ann Fuglsang – that has breathed new life into the organization., Linda Conn
  • Well, guess what, I am just completing the closing of the purchase of my first investment real estate property!  More to come, I hope, in the coming year.  Got a full calendar of work, and my email address box is 4 times the size it was when I last saw you.  Thanks for the kick in the pants!  KT
  • Lowell Ann, I hope you travelled well.  Your visit and presence here were a pleasure.  Competence, intelligence, and your professional manner are all qualities I admire…. MR
  • I’ve always thought of you as a well balanced, strong person and I thank you for making time to meet with me yesterday.  You helped to refocus me and gave me much to think about. Thank you.  PT
  • Outcome of coaching:  Positive – I feel this experience has enabled me to more fully assess where I am in my work and in my life, and see both my strengths and weaknesses more clearly.  I don’t feel as anxious about work as I did at the time we started – and have some tangible evidence of ‘success’ – in terms of defining success for myself and not being as dependent on external evaluation as I had been.  PM
  • I have learned the value of having a business coach in one’s corner.  It was especially helpful in pushing me past a major hurdle that was keeping me from moving forward – how to determine pricing for the services we are offering.  The assistance with the brochure format and the wording of the contract for the technicians was greatly appreciated also.  BS
  • I was able to step out of my ‘processing’ and into production of my writing project.  This happened in stages and I felt supported at each step by Lowell Ann’s listening skills, relevant questions and follow up notes.  RC
  • Thank you, you have been a great source of information, inspiration and motivation.  I have more confidence to ‘sell’ in my business as well as a narrower focus.  Previously the focus was a little scattered.  NG
  • A note and some flowers to thank you and give my appreciation for your help and kindness in seeing me through things this fall and winter.  Your being there was worth more than I can express and truly made the steps I had to take more manageable.  You have a real gift in the path you’ve chosen and the skills you have.  LN
  • Thank you for an outstanding year.  There is no doubt that the Department has benefited from your support of myself.  I know I have.  LC
  • Although my initial goal was listed as “moving boxes” – the real, underlying goal was to shed the feeling of being overwhelmed whenever I needed to do something.  The real goal was to get my energy and spirit kick-started again.  I am now much more motivated and disciplined.  I do not feel overwhelmed by all the things I need to do in my personal and professional life.  It made a big difference to me to know that someone was there to ‘help’ me.  Because I work on my own (self-employed) and because I often feel so helpless with my health issues, it was a great personal motivator to ‘not feel alone’ while tackling things.  LC
  • After our first telephone conversation, my inner impression was that I would learn ‘action’.  I have.  The step-by-step action plan was very helpful to learn and it was good to put it into action right away so I could see the movement.  I have learned that this is not a one time deal but a constant process which I need to apply in my everyday life.  Your education background combined with your work experience as a human resource employee in government is a strong combination.  I found that you were able to listen relate and understand what was going on at work and through your coaching skills, you have helped me to distinguish between events and the interpretation of those events.  LH
  • For my part, it was excellent.  I came away challenged, energized and feeling very positive about the future for me and my team.  Thanks, coach.  LC
  • I found the whole process to be really great…the most I ever go out of any ‘course’. SH
  • I enjoy receiving your Workstyle-Lifestyle magazines online, and your Personal Development courses, and I often think of how fortunate I was to have your counsel during a very difficult time of transition.  NP
  • Whenever anyone asks about my career path, I always mention your company and the unique approach you incorporate into career counselling. You made a huge impact on my career and personal life.  KK
  • Top ten reasons I love my coach reprised:

10     shares useful tools

9      has a healthy sense of humour

8      is completely there for me during our time together

7      enhances my thinking

6      is respectful of my ideas

5      praises my accomplishments

4      sees me as a whole person

3      doesn’t judge me

2      nurtures my spirit

And the number one reason I love my coach – she is absolutely committed to my personal and professional success.

Thank you so much for this morning, your presence in my life is a gift.  LC

  • As a recipient of this email, I want you to know that I have been touched, inspired, supported and given the appropriate boot in the butt when necessary by you.   As a result, I am thrilled to announce that today I have taken the last of the CTI exams to complete my certification.  I hold the impact that you have had on my life in general and this journey in particular so close – you have no idea how grateful I am!  Today I raise my glass to you in thanks – seems so small a gesture, but absolutely, deeply heartfelt.  CA
  • I was attracted to coaching because of …some lack of organizational skills. I needed some orientation for my new project.  You provided me with a route map and helped me to follow it.  The outcome:  I have a better idea of where I am now with my business. I now have a direction to follow.  I discovered that follow up is very important for keeping a plan on track. You have a system in place that made me feel that I’m not just wandering around but actually going somewhere.  MLO
  •  BTW: I have a sister’s calendar for this year.  On Friday, it said:
    “Female friendships that work are relationships in which women help each other belong to themselves.”  I thought of you right away and everything you have done to help me grow as a professional and a person.  Thank you.  LC
  • What will you do in your retirement?  “I have a project with Oxfam in Hungary as well, besides enjoying all my relatives.  I am going to grow lavender.  All my best to you and thank you for being you and in my life at the time I needed you..”  EP
  • Thank you, Lowell Ann, for your great presentation today! I learned much and you also confirmed for me that I am on the right track, but can also go further to use my feminine side in business. (especially such a male-dominated business such as mine!) Sincerely, VVR
  • “You probably don’t get much “real” mail anymore, techie that you are.  On Monday, December 12th when we talked, I said I needed to get into a different space.  We talked about choices, and that we have more power than we use to see the world the way we choose.  And to do with our life what gives us energy, fulfilment and peace.  When I went home and read the paper, these two stories jumped right out at me – Extraordinary!
    Thank you for your unwavering support over the years for what I am trying to do and who I am trying to be.  Lynn Cook
  • A Note left on my website:  Hi there, Ms Fuglsang – I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that your page ( has great info on it!  The kids in my College Prep class totally agree!  Two girls in my class found your page while researching for their group project.  They wanted to share another page that they really loved: It’s a really fantastic guide to accredited online colleges (and helps demystify what “accredited”  means.
    This is my 2nd year as a guidance counsellor at Valley CS, but this is the first class I’ve co-taught with the senior English teacher.  Teaching seems like such a collaborative profession, which is why I was hoping you wouldn’t mind adding the page the kids found to your site with all your other helpful information J
    I think it would thrill the girls to see their suggested page on your website; I told them that if you were kind enough to include their page on yours, I would give them a few bonus points on their project.  It actually is a useful article with a lot of good material, which is why I indulged them by contacting you.  Again, sorry for the interruption!
    Thank you very much!!  I look forward to hearing from you soon.  Sincerely, Ms Arden Doem
  • After a guest presentation to a work-search class:
    • I have noticed your listening skills and your empathetic understanding in our class.  It has been a valuable experience for me.  Rod
    • You are amazing and cutting edge.  Thanks for sharing!  Barb
    • It’s inspiring to see someone older so computer savvy.  Thanks, Doris
    • Your talk was a real eye-opener.  Thanks, Gail
    • You definitely de-mystified LinkedIn for me.  Thank you so much, Pauline
    • You are a wealth of information.  Thank you, Kory
  • There is not a week goes by when I don’t think of you and some of the issues you and I discussed.  I feel very fortunate having you help me change some of the ways of addressing myself. EP
  •  We did all kinds of things, including a marketing plan for my gift baskets (a new idea I was trying). Some strategies for teaching dance (also new) and marketing it, and a plan to increase my fees.  Mostly, though, the work organically focused on two areas:  balancing work with self-care and completing old to-dos.
    Outcome?  I felt freed-up by the many and various tasks I completed and empowered by the perspective and process of that which did not involve being driven or beating myself up.  All of my stated goals were achieved, but the results were far beyond that.  MR