Business Mastery Plan For Solopreneurs

Are you about to create an online business? Are you overwhelmed by the mere thought of doing one? Have you been asking yourself: Do I really need a business plan if I’m only planning a sole proprietorship? Do I really need one if I will not be approaching a bank for a business loan? What is the point in creating a document that could land on a shelf somewhere?


To be successful, your business MUST have a Business Plan. I like to refer to it as a Business Mastery Plan because “mastery” infers success.

Why Create A Business Mastery Plan?

  • So that you can summarize the results of your business research;
  • You can think things through and gain real clarity about this venture;
  • Allows you to record your plans and objectives so that you know what comes next and you don’t lose your focus;
  • Gives you a personal accountability tool that allows you to measure your progress;
  • Ensures you turn your vision into reality.  It’s just for you!

What Should It Look Like?

  • It must be in writing – paper or online version depends on your style;
  • It should be only as long as it needs to be;
  • It should be in your own words and terminology;
  • It should be in a form that inspires you – visuals, formatting etc.
  • It must be readily accessible for gaining focus and inspiration;
  • It must be readily amendable so that it reflects the changes that will occur.
Business Plan

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Check Out The Course Topics Here:

  • Module 1 – Your Vision
  • Module 2 – Your Mission, Values and Business Ethics
  • Module 3 – Definition of Your Product or Service
  • Module 4 – Your Business Model and Fee Structure
  • Module 5 – Your Marketing Plan
  • Module 6 – Your Legal Structure
  • Module 7 – Your Financials
  • Module 8 – Your Business Systems
  • Module 9 – Your Information Systems
  • Module 10 – Pulling It All Together