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LowellAnn FuglsangThis is LowellAnn, and  I will be guiding you through this course.  Take your time with it and enjoy the sense of accomplishment that you will experience as you progress.

What To Expect

You will provide your full name and email address in this Form so that you receive a registration ID that will be used to access all the modules as you complete them.

The course is structured in such a way that it asks you to complete a Form containing your answers to questions about your experience in every Module.  This helps me to monitor your progress so that I may provide any additional support that you may require.  The Form also asks for your Registration ID so that my system sends you a link to the next Module via email message.

Your Progress

But be sure to ask any questions that arise in any of the Modules.   I can arrange a live conversation using Zoom if you really get stuck!  It’s important to me that you achieve the success that you desire.