No Voice Laryngitis

Well it’s December and I got my annual cold.  This is a signal to stay home and keep my germs to myself rather than sharing them.  This time, the cold morphed into something else- No Voice Laryngitis –  for a week.  Two weeks out of commission – what a bummer!  This is the season of holiday pot lucks,  gift exchanges and opportunities for relaxed socializing and networking that just don’t work with no voice.  Neither do being host of the Being Your Own CEO Hangout on Air, or choir rehearsals, or on-line coaching work.  Many things got canceled or cut short, including my regular early morning walks – all in the interest of rest and recovery.  And of course, my friends have been joking about how inconvenient it must be for a talkative person to have no voice.  No kidding!

But surprising as it may seem, it’s been a good couple of weeks.  I’ve had time to-

  • think about my business and make some decisions for the new year
  • clean out my in-box
  • listen to some videos and pod-casts that have been waiting for attention
  • get Christmas messages out to family & friends in a timely manner (for once)
  • plan gifts for gift exchanges that made sense
  • think through and activate a significant charitable gift
  • get seasonal decorating done and meals planned well in advance
  • plan and develop a new course offering for the new year
  • start a new website following a course offered by Wealthy Affiliates
  • learn more about using keyword search tool Jaaxy more effectively
All of the above happened without the usual December stress caused by too much partying and too many extras to get done.  This experience has helped me see that I need to restructure my time so that I have more alone time, more planning time.  With the new year before us, it will be necessary for all solopreneurs to spend some alone time to reflect and plan.  Given the next three weeks , when can you carve out that time?  Block it off now!  Your business deserves it – you deserve it!
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