Career Inspiration and Talent Retention

This morning I attended a High Voltage Breakfast Workshop with Surge Strategies Group. The topic (What’s Love Got To Do With It:  Attracting & Retaining Talent) was of particular interest to me because my business associate Marilyn Henigman of SearchWise and I have been concerned with promoting the Silver Collar Worker as an immediate source of talent that tends to get overlooked.

When the discussion came round to what needs to happen to retain good talent, I found myself speaking about a wonderful project and a wonderful team that I once worked with.

I was asked what made it so wonderful.  Well there were a number of factors;
•    The team leader (Kathleen Betteridge) had a vision that attracted us to the project;
•    We became a team very quickly, as we explored that vision together;
•    The team leader treated us as though we were the cream of the crop, even though we were new to the project and required lots of background and training;
•    The team leader found the funds and support within the organization to provide us with cutting edge training;
•    Quickly other members of the team took up various aspects of leadership in the project;
•    Despite the fact that the team was spread across a wide geographical area, attention was given to ways that members could support and share information and tools with one another;
•    The team leader and other members of the team provided encouragement when the chips were down and for celebration of successes.  We all shared in the joys and sorrows of our work.
•    When the project was over, all members of the team were recognized publicly for the work that we did.  The picture you see above and below represents the glass statue that was presented to each of us.

In a nutshell, what the above represents are three things that have inspired me since then.  The leader must have a vision and be authentic.  The whole team must experiment and explore together as they develop the project. All members must connect emotionally, being willing to give and receive support.

The statue sits in a very prominent place in my office as a constant reminder of these important factors that make people fulfilled in their career and happy in their workplace.

I often think of the impact that Kathleen and the other members of the team have had on both my personal and professional life and I  thank them all.


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