How Do I Stay Connected In My Third Age?

Multigenerational Family - The Importance of Intimacy

One of the most powerful drives that all human beings share is to connect, to love and be loved. Today, we will examine the importance of intimacy, Frederick Hudson‘s third adult passion.  The question “How do I stay connected in my Third Age?” is worthy of our full consideration, since we know that healthy relationships ensure a healthy life and a healthy world. 

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A Fruitful, Enjoyable Third Age

Writing About Me

How to enjoy your life as you move into your Third Age?  

As we approach our Third Age, we can often feel a shift happening in ourselves and in the world around us, but are uncertain about where to begin, or what to do about it. And as we experience the changing world around us,  we begin to question where we have been and where we want to go now, given these changes.

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The Value of Vacations and Breaks – LowellAnn Fuglsang

The Value of Vacations and Breaks

We are coming up to the end of summer and solopreneurs need to be reminded of the value of vacations and breaks.  They need time to relax and reflect on those important questions:  What do I love about my business?  What do I not love about my business?  What is unique about it?  Is it time to make some changes?

Definition of a Workaholic

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Surviving Change – LowellAnn Fuglsang

Agility - Ability To Reach And Or Change

Surviving change has become an important consideration for solopreneurs.  We are bombarded with news items speaking about changes being brought on by climate change, technological inventions, social networking shifts, cyber warfare, political shifts and disasters to mention just a few.  All of these changes impact our markets in some way.  How does a solopreneur ensure survival?  Well, they need to develop their agility and resiliency skills if they are to survive the impact and pace of these disruptive changes.

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