Third Age Coaching

Counselling - Stone With Leaf

Why would anyone want a coach at this point in their life?

Well, there are so many pressures on us as we near the end of our Second Age that it’s often very difficult to sort out how to deal with this impending and unavoidable transition to the Third Age which is commonly referred to as the retirement years.  This article explains how Third Age Coaching works.

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Your Learning Journal

Moleskine Journal for Your Learning Journal

As a solopreneur, what do you do when something in business happens that angers or upsets you?  You have no colleagues to help you through it and your mind won’t stop going over and over it.  Let your learning journal be your sounding board and counsellor.

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Retirement Blogs

I made a video for you that points to some Retirement Blogs from the past. What is Retirement All About?   Making the Retirement Decision What …

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How to Get Focused

How To Get Focused

There are many reasons solopreneurs reach a point where they are just spinning their wheels in no particular direction. This piece seeks to answer the question many of us ask ourselves – How do I get focused?

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The Role of Fear in Marketing

Many Emotions
Today I want to explore fear – an issue that seems to be on everyone’s mind lately due to the election methods we are observing in the US.  But here, I will focus on the role of fear as it relates to our marketing approaches.

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Why is Professional Development Important for Solopreneurs?

Many professionals (such as Teachers, Lawyers and Accountants) are required to do some sort of professional development in order to maintain good standing in their associations.  But many solopreneurs do not belong to such associations and do not have any requirements placed on them.  So why is Professional Development (ProD) important to solopreneurs?  Because we must be competitive in order to survive.