Finding Your Niche in Life

Work Life Balance
If you have reached a place in your work life where you know a change MUST occur, you will be interested in this “finding your niche in life” exercise.  Right now, you are feeling like a walking zombie from boredom or you are consumed by thoughts of escape.  (Or, maybe you have already escaped and need some direction.)

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Recharge Your Goals

Putting the Pieces Together
Now that slightly more than half this year has passed, it’s time to review what our goals were for the year.  Are the things you wanted to accomplish completed or at least well underway; or, have you lost your focus? Is it time to recharge your goals?
As I reflect on my own year, I feel those goals have faded slightly and I ask myself:
  • Are they still relevant to my song? (Remember the Song Inside You and don’t mumble your life away)
  • Do they need sharpening or recharging? By recharging, I mean do I have the same passion for them?
  • Do they need adjusting or reshaping?
My answer to all three questions is YES! What about you? 

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Recipe for Success

Recipe for Success
So you can’t stand the job-job any longer.   Don’t quit just yet!  Following is a recipe for success if you think Being Your Own CEO is for you:


  • Right Reasons
  • Passion & Drive
  • Definition of Success
  • Support
  • Experimentation
  • Vision
  • Sounding Board

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Integral Theory Education for Solopreneurs

Mindset Monday Image

Integral Theory

American philosopher Ken Wilber developed the Integral Theory.  (See his book A Theory of Everything: An Integral Vision for Business, Politics, Science, and Spirituality)  It was his way of integrating knowledge from a variety of fields.  The theory, often referred to as AQAL (All Quadrants, All Levels) suggests that all knowledge and experience can be understood by using the grid below.
A Theory of Everything book cover

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