Changes Happen!

Changes happen when your business marketing activities are focused on the Internet world; we must expect them and prepare for them.

Last week, the Google Plus community learned that their beloved HOA (Hangout On Air) Event page will disappear in mid September when all HOA set-up activity must happen over on YouTube under the Live Streaming section.

How did we react?

  • with anger – How dare they take away the process that I spent hours learning how to use effectively?
  • with dismay or fear – This really does impact my business going forward.
  • with curiosity – What am I losing and gaining?
  • with anticipation – What opportunities are there here?
Well then the rumours and misinformation began to fly and some were predicting the death of Google Plus.  Over on Facebook, people were in the “I told you so” mode.  We all needed to take a deep breath and –


Remember why we are on ANY social media platform:

  • to point people back to our website
  • to promote our business
  • to engage with potential customers and colleagues
  • to learn all that we can


All this points to the fact that solopreneurs must always be in the trending/experimenting/testing mode.  In my recent blog post Recipe for Success, experimentation was listed as a key ingredient.
Recipe for success


On Saturday, a colleague Roland Takaoka hosted the last hurrah (Saturday Morning Marketing Smarties) for Google Events HOA and invited many of us who stayed with HOAs as a result of the last shake up, to discuss the implications of this change.  We concluded that HOAs have always ended up on YouTube and that’s what we loved about them; we just would miss a couple of functions:
  • our ability to invite specific people/circles and have them receive notification
  • loss of our easy HOA branding
  • ability to see/save the text interaction that took place during the Hangout on the Event Page
  • the RSVP function and Calendar posting for our HOA audiences


Marketing ideas began to flow and we concluded there are other alternatives and opportunities to explore.  Participants came away feeling positive and upbeat about the future.  This of course points to the value solopreneurs receive from this kind of engagement with others who are in the same boat.  Thank you Roland and others.

Personally I had already begun the experimentation process before this announcement because I had been watching the trends; however, I could see that my Tuesday morning Being Your Own CEO Success Circle will become even more important as a support to my solopreneur audience, so I stepped up the process and spent most of a full day:

Here’s What I’ve Been Doing

  1. Reflected on the who and the why.  Who do I want to reach with my HOAs, what do they need/want and what are the best ways to reach them.
  2. Researched new YouTube rules around hosting (embedding) videos on my own website;
  3. Reviewed the YouTube HOA set-up that I had learned from Ronnie Bincer, The Hangout Helper, a couple of years ago (Thank You Ronnie)
  4. Set up this week’s #BeingYourOwnCEO session under Live Streaming Events;
  5. Did much more in depth exploration of the the YouTube site (what does this link do?);
  6. Reviewed my thinking about not putting all eggs in one basket;
  7. Refined the process of expanding my reach to other platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram,Twitter)
  8. Tried a couple of new invitation processes that we will discuss at the next #SuccessCircle;
  9. Reminded myself to thank my Green Room crew for their participation, support and feedback;
  10. Started a revised checklist so that I don’t lose the edge on ideas as they arise and the results gained;
  11. Reviewed and made changes to my website that will accommodate this new approach;
  12. Continued my trending research by accessing other’s observations on their experimentation.
  13. Continued active participation in a couple of Google Plus Communities (User-2-User Live) Thank you Andrew Hachett and Michael Daniels especially.
 This blog is somewhat more personal than my usual blog writing but I wanted to share my re-thinking and experimental approach on a practical level with the hope that other solopreneurs learn from it and will not be overwhelmed by a major change that was imposed on them.  If you would like to become part of the BeingYourOwnCEO Success Circle visit my Community in Google Plus here.
Being Your Own CEO Success Circle

Your Mindset Monday Challenge

Review your own reaction to a recent change.  Can you expand your reaction to include more experimentation?
Please share your thoughts, reactions and experiences in the comments section below.  Let’s keep the support and learning flowing!
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