Courses to Improve Life

I’m it! – I got tagged by my former work colleague Nancy Zimmerman. She  asked me to list some courses that would improve life and she would definitely want to attend.

Well now Nancy, you’ll see the things that would improve my life are varied and really earth shaking !!!
Here are my courses and I think you would relate some of them to midlife for sure:

1. How to convince the world that print needs to be larger-or – How to find wonderful, convenient, cheap magnifying glass collections. Who can read phone books, maps, instructions on bottles these days?
2. How to grow food on my balcony. Vegetables that love pots.
3. How to convince people it’s good to make reservations before the last minute. Especially when the caterer needs confirmation three days in advance.
4. How to use up a 20 year fabric stash in one week. It’s got to be creative and fun!
5. How to handle composting when you live in an apartment – or – How to handle guilt trips.

I’m tagging some other Mid-lifers: Angelique, Toni, Barbara S

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