Creating a Personal Strategic Direction

In the course of my coaching work, I often hear individuals complain about not getting much direction from their boss, or that they work in isolation and deciding how to proceed on a project is a challenge. Waiting for direction or something to happen can be very frustrating and stressful. So what can we do about a situation like that? We can do what entrepreneurs do whether we work for an organization or work as solopreneur. Creating our own strategic direction is a great way to take charge of our work situation:

· Write your own Accountability Agreement and then share it with your peers and supervisor. This will generate the type of conversation that will help to clarify your thinking. In the process of developing this, you will decide on your own goals & objectives. You can see a sample Agreement here

· Develop a method for tracking and evaluating your own performance. You can use a simple Excel spreadsheet for this.

· Get creative about how your task manager keeps you focused on your goals.  I love to use Trello

· Evaluate your current reality against your vision on a regular basis.

  • Find a coach to help you set goals, measure your performance and stay focused.balanceball_2

Coaching Questions to Stimulate Reflection About Your Life & Work

  1. Is your vision for the future clearly stated with lots of detail?
  2. What are you personally accountable for?
  3. What supports do you require in order to make your vision a reality?
  4. How would you describe your current reality?
  5. What action do you need to take now?

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