Online Customer Service Solutions

What does good customer service look like online?  Is it significantly different from traditional business service?  Some time ago some solopreneurs were discussing the answers to these questions in our weekly Being Your Own CEO Success Circle.  They decided that all excellent service depends on making the customer/client feel special and cared about. But what online customer service solutions should we add?  Following is a summary of the key suggestions they made:

Online Customer Service Solutions

  1. Communication should take care of the viewer/readers’ basic human needs.  See Tony Robbins’ Six Basic Human Needs:  Connection, Significance, Variety, Certainty, Growth and Contribution.
  2. Provide a takeaway – something of value
  3. Make it a great experience.  A great website experience constitutes good service when it’s easy and clear.
    • Make the viewer feel welcome – speak to them personally.  Videos and podcasts can add that personal touch.
    • Engage rather than broadcast.  If it’s to be an experience, the site must be more than a brochure.  Engagement begins with sharing. Tell your story.
    • No pop-ups that interrupt – configure pop-ups to come up after your viewer has had a chance to complete the read.
    • Help the viewer overcome shyness and overwhelm.  Don’t make huge demands on them. Make the engagement gradual.
    • Show them how to participate.  
    • Listen, listen, Give, give
    • Use their language, not yours – They are not interested in your process, they want to know how your service will benefit them in their life.
    • Be brief
    • Use visuals and white space
    • Easy, obvious navigation
    • Invite them to return – give them a reason to return.
  4. Timely responses to questions and communication.
  5. Provide support that is direct, immediate and easy to access (FAQs, phone support, video support, text support)
  6. Handle complaints immediately and with grace – no defensiveness. Offer immediate fix, compensatory gift or refund.  
  7. Follow up – check to see if the customer is doing OK with your product or service.
  8. Continuously test all processes to ensure that nothing is broken. This is particularly important for all who have well-established sites.  Change is occurring continuously.
  9. Ensure that the site/post is optimized for mobile devices.

Mindset Monday Challenge

How would you like to share your pet peeves about your online experiences?   Did we miss anything?  How do you react to the list?  We can all learn from your observations.

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