David Allen’s Brain Dump – Monday Morning

All solopreneurs lose their focus at one time or another.  For me, it was following a series of technological challenges.  I found David Allen’s Brain Dump was a great way to regain it quickly.  Though this post was first published a number of years ago, it’s advice is still very relevant.

Monday Morning

Let’s begin on a personal level. When you got up this morning what was your first thought about this week? Was it excitement or dread? Or were you so overwhelmed you felt numb?

If it was dread, don’t let yourself stay there. Take a look at the reason you feel that way. Is there a way to re-frame those thoughts? Ask yourself – “What makes me happy about my work?” and then choose to focus on that.

If it was overwhelm, take David Allen’s advice and do a brain dump.   Look at all of your roles:  business, online, community, family. Write down every single thing you need and want to do. This often relieves some pressure. Now look at each item and ask yourself:

  • Will this add value?
  • Is this important?
  • Will this move my business and life forward?

This act should help you choose three important items to focus on this week.

Let’s aim for excitement and anticipation!


Mindset Monday Blog

This Mindset Monday post is presented by LowellAnn Fuglsang, Business and Career Coach, especially for solopreneurs.

In my workstyle-lifestyle coaching work I love helping solopreneurs find direction, stay motivated and build systems that both support and promote their business. One support that I like to emphasize for them is the Google experience.  Two great places to begin are my Weekly Being Your Own CEO Success Circle and The Portable Business Coach (a tool that will tell you where you need to put more time and energy)

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