Dealing with Stress & Overwhelm

How do you deal with stress and overwhelm? According to Bill Harris in Thresholds of the Mind there are three ways people typically deal with its energy.  Some of them not so healthy. Today I’m going to talk about how to deal with stress and overwhelm in a healthy way.

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Typical Ways of Dealing with the Energy of Stress 

  1. Dissipating it. There is such an energy build-up that the body’s natural safety valves take over. Some will find crying or emotional outburst does the trick, while others will move into a physical activity such as running, sex or becoming busier. Still, others just need to talk it out.
  2. Blocking it. This is the attempt to keep more of its energy from entering the system and requires the shutting down of all systems. Some will go to ground in some way to be alone, others will become ill and others will become incapacitated with depression.
  3. Distracting it. This is pretending the stress is not there, by medicating with alcohol, drugs or food, hours of TV or computer games, immersion in some hobby, or reading

Here, I will share some ideas based on my own experience in this video

How To Deal With Stress and OverwhelmCovey Quadrants - How To Deal With Stress and Overload

  • Take care of the basics – nutrition, exercise and sleep
  • Decide to take care of yourself first
  • Get a handle on all your obligations 
  • Find an objective listener to talk it through
  • Take some time out and refocus   

Mindset Monday Challenge

The next time you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed, ask yourself the following:

  • What is the source of this stress?
  • What needs to be changed so that this does not arise again in the future?
  • How can I reduce its energy in a healthy way?
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