How To Define Your Target Audience

Many solopreneurs find it difficult to narrow down who they want to work with even though all the marketing gurus emphasize the importance of doing so.  This piece looks at how to define your target audience.

What do we mean by “target audience”?  Well, there’s some terminology we need to clarify, but just know they all refer to the client you want to work with.


Audience – used in the online world to describe people you connect with on your website or on social media platforms.

Prospect – a marketing term to describe a person who could become a client or customer.

Suspect – a research term to describe a person who could be a prospect.

Ideal Client

The place to begin is to think about that client that you thoroughly enjoy working with because your work together has been fruitful.  With that client in mind, make a list of what makes it enjoyable for you.  Here’s an example from my coaching world:

  • Understands the value of an objective sounding board;
  • Is clear about what she wants to accomplish;
  • Comes to coaching sessions prepared by completing the preparation exercise;
  • Completes planned activities and gives progress reports;
  • Is comfortable connecting by Skype, Meet or Zoom.

Target Client

In order to know who our prospects might be, we need much more detail.  Look more closely at your ideal client and flesh out as many details as you can.  I like to use the persona method because it helps remind me that I work with individuals and individual needs.  I have created an imaginary client whom I have named Claire.  When I’m writing or planning new products or services I picture how it would help Claire and this helps me frame communication about it in terms that would make her want to respond.

My Target Client Claire

You can find my article Who Are Your Clients? Here.  It includes a template for creating a persona in the same format as the above.  

Target Audience

It seems obvious to say that your target audience looks like your target client.  But we then need to think about where we will find this target audience.  In my Being Your Own CEO Success Circle we have discussed audiences and prospects a few times.  (If you would like to join the conversations, click this link and register)

See the following YouTube links for more lengthy explorations:

  1. Knowing Your Audience Feb. 7 2017 
  2. Tools To Evaluate A Prospect March 2016
  3. Finding Your Ideal Client Feb 2015

Mindset Monday Challenge

When you think of your business prospects, who do you think of?  What do you know about your target client?  Where do you find your prospects and suspects?  How do you research them?

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