Direct Engagement

Will direct engagement replace old style marketing and selling?

Last week I listened in on a Hangout On Air with Zara Altair on the subject of connections with Adam Zale, a person I had not encountered before.  His message made a lot of sense. As is my usual habit I hunted up Adam’s Google Plus profile to learn more about him.  I noticed that he is very active on G+ and decided to Circle him.
Not more than 3 minutes later I got a Hangout Text from him saying “nice to meet you.”  We texted back and forth for a bit and he mentioned that he looks for connections that are active and engaged (or engaging)  Later we exchanged some comments related to the interview on the event page.

This is an example of what Adam calls direct engagement.  It was like meeting at a networking event and stopping for a get acquainted chat, accept this was in G+.  I encountered him again on Roland Takaoka Saturday Morning Marketing Smarties Hangout and I got to know him a little better.
The advantage of this type of marketing is that it is natural, organic, gradual and it feels right.  As time goes on we have more opportunities to develop the kind of trust that will possibly lead to something more.  This is way easier than the old cold calling concept, and it’s easier than the local crowded networking events.
Try some direct engagement this week and notice how it feels and what results you get.
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