Discord Community For Solopreneurs

Many solopreneurs have made use of Google Hangouts to stay in touch with people they have met online over the years.  But since Hangouts is going away soon, we have been looking around for a platform that could replace it.  Discord looks like a great place to build a community.  Welcome to Discord Community For Solopreneurs where we will guide you through all that you need to know to get started.

Discover Discord

Not long ago the Being Your Own Success Circle had a conversation about Discord.  Listen in and let me know what you think.

Discord History

Jason Citron noticed how difficult it was to work out strategies with other gamers and in May of 2015 published a site to accommodate sharing and discussing.  As time went on, others found it a great sharing platform and by June of 2020 Discord began shifting its focus away from gaming to a site suited to building community generally.  Currently, Discord has 100 million active monthly users.  You can read a more detailed history at Wikipedia.

Finding Discord 

You will find the site at https://discord.com/ where you will be given the choice to download the program to your computer or to simply use your browser.  There is no cost for this download. You will find more details on getting set up on Tech Insider YouTube here

The first thing to do is create your user profile.  You could use your own name or your business name. Be sure to add your picture or business logo so that others will recognize you easily.  

Here is a screenshot of my site to help you get oriented:

Discord Screenshot

Now you will want to create your own Server (see terminology explained below) and invite your friends to join.  You will want to encourage them to create their own Server and invite you.

Servers and Channels

Server – This is your own site that is sort of like your own webpage.

Channels – Channels are sub-pages of your Server. There are two types of channels – text channels and voice channels.  

Text Channels contain instant messaging, and opportunities to share internet and video links.  You will need to think through the categories of Channels you would like and to name them so that the viewer knows what is in them.  For example,  I have a channel named Supports for Solopreneurs and another Planet Earth-We Are All One.  I love the opportunity to post things that are important to me and just might be interesting to others. 

Voice Channels contain voice to voice and video conferencing (for up to 40 users) that provides a share screen function.

We have everything here that we could want or need in order to build a community and stay in touch with its members. – ALL ON ONE PLATFORM! 

Creating The Community

Now that you have your Profile, Server and Channels set up, you will need to post some items of interest to your community members.  You might even put up something enticing like an offer of some sort.  You will want to develop a never expiring invitation link to send to your colleagues and online friends.  This invitation could also be posted on Social Media wherever you like posting  – LinkedIn, Facebook, Google For Business, etc.

If you would like to drop by my Being Your Own CEO Discord Server, then click on this linkBe sure to visit the Introductions-here channel and let me know who you are and where you are and what you do.

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