My Energizers

In my quest to stay on top of my game, I stumble on a number of great people and interesting ideas.  In this week’s blog I will  share a couple with you.

While working with my web coach Ryan Labelle of Honeycomb Webworks, we got to discussing how to make my WordPress website and blog more accessible to smart phone users.  There is a PlugIn called WP Touch which I did have loaded but didn’t have maximized.  We did some exploring of its capabilities, did some tweaking and now both my blog and website look just great on the smart phone.  Thanks Ryan!


While attending a very interesting workshop with Angelique and Chrystyanna Queensley at Communication House  called “Flower of Life”,  we stumbled on a film that is bound to generate some lively discussion.

The film, which was released on 11-11-2011,  incorporates sacred geometry, ETs, antiquity, the banking industry, sources of energy and many of the current worries we have about the health of our planet.  The film offers a number of suggestions though mainly concerned with the US, have some universal appeal.  You can find Thrive – What On Earth Will It Take  on their website and you can watch a trailer on YouTube

I would be very  interested to hear your reaction to this film.

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