Evaluating Company Culture

Rediscover – Rekindle – Refire Your Passion

If you’re finding Monday mornings and/or the first week back from holiday a struggle to convince yourself that you really care about this job, then it may be time to reassess and move on to another position. But how do you ensure that you land in an organization that will be an improvement? Before accepting a position it’s a very good idea to evaluate the company’s culture. Interview a few people in the company.

Factors to consider when evaluating company culture

  • What is the organization’s vision for the future? What company strengths support that vision and what obstacles stand in its way?
  • How do people describe the organization?
  • What about leadership styles? Are leaders modeling a healthy work/life balance? How many hours per month do people work? Are they expected to stay on top of emails 24/7? Is this a top down or team performance organization?
  • How is accountability handled? How are expectations communicated? Are there regular performance planning sessions? How is feedback given?
  • What level of diversity is reflected in the staff makeup? What ages, genders, cultures, races, lifestyle choices? Would this be a place where differences are respected?
  • What opportunities for personal and career development are available? How are competencies developed? Are career plans included in the accountability structure? What career reflection opportunities are available? How is health and fitness regarded? Does the organization practice Succession Planning?
  • Does the physical environment provide ergonomic furniture, fresh air, daylight, privacy, quiet?
  • How flexible are work options? Does the organization support job sharing, part time work, contract work, self-funded sabbaticals or work from home?
  • What does the benefit/compensation package look like? Are there performance incentives such as profit sharing, bonuses or vacation packages? Are benefits portable? Are savings plans or loan plans available?
  • What is the organization’s attitude toward family responsibilities?
  • What technologies are supported by the organization? What are the rules governing the use of company computers, phones and vehicles?
  • What does the company do to support and encourage your

Hunger for excellence

Desire to help and please your customers

Creation of goals that motivate you

Thirst for success

Devotion to the organization

 Coaching Questions to Stimulate Reflection About Your Life & Work

  1. Which of the above are the most important to you?
  2. What do you have to offer an organization?
  3. What would create a healthy, stimulating stretch for you?