Follow-up After Networking Events

This is Part Nine of the Relationship Networking Series. In this piece we will look at ways to Follow-up After Networking Events.

You just came back to your office desk with a handful of business cards that you collected at the mixer.  Do you pitch them on the pile? Or do you take care of them immediately or at least within the week?

Here Are The Immediate Follow-up Steps 

  1. Follow Up – If you promised to share something, do it immediately.
  2. Acknowledge – Send a note saying what a pleasure it was to meet and chat.  
  3. Research – Learn more about each person you met.
  4. Keep track – Enter each person’s information in your Prospect Management system taking care to organize the appropriate follow up in the future.

Long Range Follow-up

Relationship Networking – “The currency of real networking is generosity” – Keith Ferrazz

The goal of relationship networking is to help and support the members of our networks without setting conditions and without specific expectations. Of course, we all know that when we do something for others, it comes back in spades, though sometimes from surprising sources.

So what can we do for our network members?  The following was taken from my own experience and from Rain Making by Ford Harding:

  • Gather prospect information – Who are his ideal clients?  What are their pains?  What products or services does he offer to fix those pains? What is unique about his business? How long has he been in business? What are his business vision and goals?  What are his needs?
  • Choose to support her – when you have a need for her product or service.
  • Share leads – if you know of someone who might be able to use his product or service, give him their contact information or business card.
  • Introductions – Make introductions either personally or by e-mail.  Invite them both out for coffee and facilitate information sharing.
  • Share what you know about her competitors.  Of course this is within the bounds of confidentiality and ethics.  
  • Provide references,  testimonials or reviews – He will be very happy to have something in writing for use in his promotional materials or web site.
  • Say good things about his business to others. 
  • Share ideas that might be of use – This might be a marketing tip, an approach to get to a particular prospect, an idea to solve a particular business problem.  
  • Take her along as a guest – Expose her to other networks that you know.  
  • Suggest a vendor or possible alliance – that might help improve his product or service.  
  • Provide personal support – This might be a note of congratulation or condolence, or it might just be some words of encouragement.  
  • Offer to host an information session – Invite some people from your circle to your home for a glass of wine or tea.  Introduce her to your friends and let her have the floor to speak about her business.  
  • Give her a call – Just to say “Hello, how are things going?”  
  • Ask what you could do to provide support.

Mindset Monday Challenge

What follow-up process do you put into motion when you have met someone new?

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