How To Form A New Habit

I can’t think of anyone I know that doesn’t want want to drop, change or take on a new habit. Here I will describe my own efforts to form a new habit.

How It All Began

A few of months ago, I listened to Roland Takaoka’s What The Positive Hangout On Air where one of his green room guests Shira Hunt suggested that you can change your subconscious. My reaction was “I wonder if that is true”. I tend to be a bit sceptical about ideas like this unless I have personal experience of it.

As the hangout series progressed, a 30-day challenge was issued to all those viewers who would like to make a change in their life. Each participant would develop three or four affirmations and repeat them before sleeping every night. (Affirmation format involves beginning with “I am” and is expressed in the present tense) After the affirmations, participants would listen to vibrational sound (provided by Shira) until sleep comes.

I decided to see if this would really work. One habit I wished to adopt was some regular meditation. I discovered that Vivekananda Baindoor Rao (we call him Vivek) also wanted to form the same habit, so we launched into the challenge on Feb. 25th. Others in the challenge started a bit later. Vivek took some additional steps that really helped me. He posted a progress Vlog (video blog) daily. Watching his Vlog somehow reinforced my resolve. Thank you for that support Vivek.

I was using a tablet to view an affirmation slide and to listen to the two vibrational sound MP3s. Later Vivek created a great Android App that contains the three items and a timer that shuts the tablet off after 45 minutes. Simplifying access and listening made it much less cumbersome and easy to switch on when I was tired.

The Result of This Experiment Today April 18th

1. I have not missed one pre-sleep affirmation session
2. I have not missed one day of 30 minute meditation
3. Very sound and restful sleep
4. Some useful observations and ideas arise during meditation, even though the goal is to cease the mental chatter.
5. Much greater focus and accomplishment in my on-line business (this is one of my affirmations)
6. A very optimistic view of the future – Joy in Life and Flow in Work

My Conclusion

I have to conclude that this exercise has served me well in adopting a new habit. Have I re-programmed my subconscious? Well, I’m not sure. All I can say is that more creative ideas arise for me lately and I don’t experience a great deal of doubt about the future. It might be just the result of regular meditation or it might be the result of the total package. I do definitely conclude that this pre-sleep exercise feels way better than watching/listening to news of fresh disasters in the media before sleep.

The Experiment Continues

While discussing this with a friend Jay Neill recently, I learned about an online site that deals with brain research and have used the vibrational sound provided there with good results for my writing. This site provides sound especially for focus, sleep and relaxation.

Mindset Monday Challenge

If there is a habit you would like to change or adopt, why not give this exercise a try. What do you have to lose?

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