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Today I want to introduce my readers to a free video tool that solopreneurs will find a variety of ways to use.  Viewedit (viewed-it) – Screen, Voice and Webcam Recorder is so easy to install and record that it’s bound to be a hit!

Note:  Viewedit has changed its name.  It’s now called Vidyard GoVideo

To Install

  1. Open your Google Chrome browser and navigate to the Chrome Web Store 
  2. Search for and install “Vidyard GoVideo – Screen and Webcam Recorder”
  3. Once installed you will find a small green circle logo in your extensions menu at the top right of your browser screen.VidYard logo

 To Record

Simply click the logo in your extensions menu and a small window opens with a very obvious red record button.  It’s that easy!

Recently we had a discussion about Viewedit in our Being Your Own CEO Success Circle and we decided that it is well worth some experimentation for the following reasons:

  1. It’s free
  2. It has such a simple interface so little or no learning curve.
  3. You can track how many times the video has been viewed.
  4. You can record and share something on your screen with voice and your face in the corner if you wish to demonstrate a process.
  5. You can record personal messages and send them by e-mail automatically.
  6. You can automatically share with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and the video shows up as a great thumbnail.
  7. You can share the link on Google Plus and other social media platforms with the same great thumbnail.
  8. You can record for up to one hour that can be shared as a vlog.
  9. It can be used to create a teaser trailer to introduce a blog.

Here I am showing you that the link can be shared within WordPress.  The link does not embed, however, so you need to create a picture thumbnail and place a link behind it.

 Video Screen Capture

Mindset Monday Challenge

Take a look at the way you currently connect with your business prospects.  Could that method be enhanced by the inclusion of a personal video message?

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