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Recently we looked at the Google Tools for Business in the Being Your Own CEO success circle titled Google Ecosystem. I had made my list and was amazed by the number of additions offered by the other participants.  This was a good reminder that there is so much offered that we may not know about all of them.  Have a look at our list; perhaps there are products the will make your business more efficient and enjoyable:

 General Interest Tools

  • Google Chrome – a web browser with many available extensions that increase what you can do on the web.
  • Google Search – for researching, finding information and linking with various websites.
  • Photos – Stores and sorts all the pictures taken from your smart phone.
  • Translate – Changes text from one language to another.
  • Google News – Aggregates news headlines from around the world.

 Business/Office Tools (available on all your devices)

  • Mail – gives free access to webmail for anyone who signs up.  And with it comes the following ….
  • Calendar – Your appointment book, complete with reminders, colour coding, re-occurring activities.
  • Contacts – Your address book, e-mail addresses auto saved, and you can put people into various groups.
  • Keep – Your note taker and/or to do list
  • Drive – Documents, Sheets, Slides, Forms – All sharable and amendable by those given permission. Voice recognition add-on is available for visually impaired people
  • Hangouts – Provides text messaging, phoning, and face-to -face video calls for up to 10 people.
  • Google Apps – A paid service suitable for companies that need to have other employees with a common e-mail address.

Google Word Logo

Marketing Tools

  • Google Plus – Social media platform with general feed, Circles, Communities and Collections
  • Google My Business – Place a profile of your business on Google Maps
  • Hangouts On Air – Video Calls that get recorded and uploaded to You Tube automatically.
  • YouTube – Records video calls and creates a channel for you that lists all your recorded videos.  Great Search engine as well.
  • YouTube Live Streaming – Creates videos from your smartphone.
  • Blogger – Allows you to create blog entries and post them to the Internet.

 Tools for Web Presence

  • Google Alerts – You can ask Google to let you know when something of interest gets posted to the web.
  • Webmaster Tools – Allows you to track Google indexing for your website.
  • Google Analytics – Allows you to analyze the traffic to your website.
  • Google Wallet – You can pay for items or services being purchased on your smart phone.

 Tools for Community Building

  • Google Maps – You can find locations and businesses in your community
  • Local Guides – Add your pictures and reviews of local business to Maps.
  • Google Groups – Create a forum for people to text communicate privately
This is an extensive list for sure.  I wonder what I have missed.

Mindset Monday Challenge

Review this list and decide what items that will make your business life easier.
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