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As video experiences become more and more popular, solopreneurs will want to get involved as participants in video group chats and interviews on Live-Stream.  What do they need to know so that they avoid the embarrassment of having to learn from their mistakes?  Find out how to Be A Participant On Live-Stream.  All the principles apply whether it’s YouTube Live Stream, Zoom, Facebook Live or Google Meet.  Note:  This is an earlier blog that has been updated for current experiences.


  • You need a webcam.  Most laptops have them built-in, but if you use a tower type computer, you will need an external webcam that will sit on the top of your monitor.  You can also participate in a smartphone or tablet.
  • You need a headset.  This is especially true if you are participating from a laptop (because the mic and speakers are very close to each other and this causes reverberation).  No need to go to a lot of expense here, since earbuds are perfectly adequate.
  • Use a compatible browser such as Chrome.  You will also need to activate the Meet or Zoom Extension in Chrome.  There are apps available in the Google Play Store for smartphones and tablets.
  • Know that a wired connection gives the most stable connection.  WiFi fluctuates and that will impact your online experience.  If you must use WiFi, ensure that it is a very strong signal and that others in your household are not playing games or watching videos.
  • Practice in the Zoom room beforehand so that you know where the mute button and other settings are.
  • Before entering the chat room (sometimes called the green room or film strip) close all other computer programs and browser tabs.  This will ensure that lots of memory (RAM) is available for the experience.
  • Be aware that the session may or may not be recorded.  Meet Video Calls are not recorded, while Zoom sessions can be recorded and uploaded to YouTube.


  • Turn off all other possible interruptions such as phone calls, text messages, etc.
  • Ensure that family and household noises do not intrude into the session.
  • Ensure that your surroundings are uncluttered and looking as professional as possible.  A three-fold screen or green screen is very useful here.
  • Ensure your light source is in front of you, not behind you; since your camera picks up the light source and will leave your face in the dark.  Draw the drapes over windows that are behind or beside you.
  • Do some experimenting with the camera to ensure that your face is in the centre of the screen.  Laptops can be raised by placing books under so that the camera is at the best height.  Selfie sticks and tripods will ensure that smartphones are held steady and at the right distance.
  • Look your professional best!  Ladies put on your face and do your hair; gents comb your hair and trim your beard if you have one or shave.  Select your shirt so that it is easy on the eyes and easy focusing on the camera.


  • Arrive at least 30 minutes ahead of the published start time so that technical testing takes place before recording.
  • Observe all the good manners you learned from your Mum:  don’t speak with your mouth full, don’t interrupt, don’t hog the conversation, etc, etc.
  • Ensure your sound is muted when you enter the green room so that system and household noises don’t impact other participants.
  • The Host will greet you and help to do sound/video checks.  The Host will signal when the recording will start.  This is the time to start smiling!
  • If there is a published topic, give some thought to your contribution in advance.  What do you know that can be shared?
  • Know that the Host will open the session, describing what its purpose is.  Often participants will be invited to introduce themselves.  Follow instructions and keep it short and concise.
  • Remember that it’s one voice at a time.  This means that you wait till one person has finished what they have to say before saying your piece.  If this doesn’t work well with the conversation flow, give a visual signal to the Host, who will invite your contribution.
  • Share links and resources with other participants and viewers.  Know that the group chat inside the Meet room can only be seen by the other participants, while the comment stream in YouTube Pages can be seen by all viewers.
  • Be ready to share a screen if it would help other participants and viewers understand your point.
  • Smile and participate actively.
  • Know that the Host may invite parting comments and then will signal the end of the recording.
  • Stay in the green room for the conversation that often takes place after the recording ends.  Know that this on-line networking experience can lead to doing business with other participants, once the know/like/trust process has taken place.
 If you feel nervous about being in a video, a good place to begin is to view some videos live and participate by placing your questions and comments in the comment stream on the Event Page (within Google Plus, on websites, in YouTube, etc.)  As time goes on, your comfort level will increase.  Know that a free, short, live step by step instruction is available.  You can request it here.

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Is it finally time for you to get involved with Live Streaming?  Try a few different platforms to see which work the best for your audience.
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  1. Hi LowellAnn! Thanks for the great post. I was wondering why my “phone” rang 30 minutes or so prior to the web chat! Now I know. Another thing I hadn’t thought about was the wired vs. wireless connection. You are right–wired gives a better result. I have an ethernet cable around here somewhere but so far, it hasn’t presented as a problem. Great tips! Alanna

    • Glad you found the post helpful Alanna. It’s been great to have you as a member of BeingYourOwnCEO

  2. I certainly enjoy your Tuesday Hangouts. My only problem is that they fall right in the middle of the day so often I need to be out and about during their time.

    It does work for the Left Coasters and those in the UK so I guess us Easterners have to adapt.

  3. I follow you for quite a while now and your Hangout shows are always very inspiring and informative. Thanks to you and your guests who have a lot of knowledge to share and they do it generously!


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