Harmony and Flow in December – Part 4

Guest Bloggers Angelique and Chrystyanna Queensley of Communication Houseprovide a good reminder about too much Christmas Cheer.


You will find that Stress is the number one spoiler of our healthy Holiday Season. Remember you can’t be all things to all people!

  • Organize your days – stick to your regular schedule as much as possible.
  • If you meditate don’t skip it during the holidays – you need it more than ever.
  • Get enough sleep – burning the candle at both ends will compromise your immune system – a portent of colds and flu.
  • When we over-indulge in fatty and sugary foods we require extra essential oils and adequate fibre to help with proper elimination.
  • Wrong food combining can create bloating and acid reflux -always eat fruit alone leaving 20 minutes before adding other foods.
  • De-hydration – We are 70{b7e7048532d1a8624ac961ac8cb7ac8430a1a69fc3cc1e773ca58fd467a5e49b} water by body weight. Water is vital. Drink a minimum of 1 to 2 litres of good water per day

If per chance you find you have imbibed too much and have a little “holiday hangover”, there are many unsubstantiated cures. One of the main ones is, you need to rehydrate yourself. Water is boring but it helps to reduce the acidic state in which your body finds itself. Others claim Vitamin B works for them. Then there’s “Hair of the Dog that bit you” a little nip in the morning. Actually this is just applying anesthesia. Not recommended. Remember alcohol irritates the stomach lining.

Best advice – Eat and drink in moderation, your body will thank you!


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