Home Office Choices for a Healthy Planet

There’s a lot of talk in the news these days about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, plans for drilling in the Beaufort Sea and building pipelines in NWT.  On the one hand, we must have oil to maintain our current North American way of life and on the other, we dare not risk more potential for disaster.

This quandary has caused me to reflect on what I can do personally to minimize my environmental footprint.  As I look around my home office, what steps can I take?


Here’s my brainstormed list:

  • Go as paperless as possible – choosing electronic filing means a very different way of working;
  • Switching off all electronic equipment when not in use at night;
  • Turning down the heat and wearing a sweater;
  • Using telephone/video conferencing for meetings, rather than driving;
  • Car pooling to functions;
  • Driving a car that leaves less footprint;
  • Taking the bus whenever possible;
  • Using electronic cards and replacing tangible gifts with service gifts;
  • Taking advantage of natural light – starting and/or finishing earlier;
  • Using no disposable cups, dishes or cloths;
  • Using enviro-friendly soaps and cleaners;
  • Reusing old folders – relabeling
  • Collecting printer cartridges, batteries and light bulbs for recycling;
  • Shredding all paper for recycling;
  • Upgrading old computer equipment, rather than buying new;
  • Banking on line;
  • When printing is essential – making it double sided;
  • Using pencils with replaceable leads and fountain pens rather than plastic pens;
  • Using the computer for radio, music, TV, telephone – going all-in-one;
  • Creating my own notepads from scrap paper;
As I look at this list, the thought occurs that some of these activities
will take up valuable, billable time.  Life seems to be filled with
quandries these days, but in the end our planet must take precedence.
Saving our planet is going to require that we make some very difficult


What choices have you made?  Can you add to my list?

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