Home Office Support Groups

Last week I was elected President of our local small business group HOST (Home Office Support Team) and this has prompted me to dust off all my leadership and networking ideas and principles.  I began by asking myself why such a group was started way back when and why it has lasted till today.

Why do Home Office solopreneurs need support teams and groups?

  • To overcome the isolation experienced by solopreneurs.  We all need a sounding board at one time or another.
  • To make connections with potential clients and service providers.  It’s always more comfortable to deal with someone we know and trust.
  • To become known by others,  so they can recommend us and our product or service.  Gotta love the sneezers!
  • To learn new approaches to conducting business. Learning from others’ successes and challenges saves time and dollars.
  • To give and receive feedback, support and encouragement.  We all love to hear good things about ourselves and our work.
  • To make new friends and belong to a “tribe”.   When I was new in town, I joined this group and found some delightful like-minded people.

These are the things we receive for sure.  But as individual members of such a group, what do we need to do to ensure that others actually receive these benefits?  And what does the organization need to do?

My first thought is that I want to create an atmosphere that is welcoming, and interested.  Do you have ideas about doing that?  Please share your experiences both positive and negative (because we can learn from both).

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