How Do I Make Changes To My Website?

You Are The Owner of Your Website

Many solopreneurs have decided they do not have the time or inclination to develop their own website.  So they find a developer who puts the Word Press site together using the information they provide.  The developer sets it all up and then either gets very busy and doesn’t respond to requests to “make changes to my website” or s/he simply disappears.  Now, what does the solopreneur do to recover that investment?
It’s easy to find another developer but that person will need basic information to get started.  Here is advice to ensure that all will not be lost if your web designer disappears:

 Take ownership of all that is yours and keep track

  1. Your URL – make the payments yourself – keep track of the name of the provider where it was purchased. Take control of all the renewals.  Often you can pay for your URL for 3 or 4 years at a time, so you can easily lose track of the information.
  2. Know what company is hosting your website even if your web designer takes care of it.  Record the URL, username and password for entry into their control panel.  You will usually be asked to pay for hosting on an annual basis.  Know how to make use of their technical support.
  3. Learn how to get into the back end of your WordPress site.  There will be a different username and password for this.  You don’t need to know how to make the website, just a few steps so that you can make minimal changes yourself.  This is the detail that a lot of web developers have no patience or time for.
  4. Keep one notebook for all of this critical online information.  The notebook can be electronic or paper or both.  Be sure to have the electronic information backed up somewhere.  Keep track of all detail pertaining to your site including where your logo and other visuals are stored.
  5. Keep track of all your passwords.  Use encrypted software such as LastPass.

This may be the week to gather all of this important information into one place.  It really helps give you peace of mind.

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