How Do I Stay Connected In My Third Age?

One of the most powerful drives that all human beings share is to connect, to love and be loved. Today, we will examine the importance of intimacy, Frederick Hudson‘s third adult passion.  The question “How do I stay connected in my Third Age?” is worthy of our full consideration, since we know that healthy relationships ensure a healthy life and a healthy world. 

The Importance of Intimacy

  • It is a critical part of finding and maintaining meaning in our Third Age.  
  • We feel connected, respected and comfortable
  • We give and receive empathy and support
  • It prevents a feeling of isolation
  • We can share our most inner thoughts and feelings

Intimacy Must Never Be Neglected

It will be helpful to reflect on each of the following relationship spheres, to consider: Who are the important people? How much time is invested in each? How could this sphere be enhanced?

Self – Personal space (time and quiet), spirituality, physical/mental health, and personal growth.

Couple – Talking together, intimate contact, shared activities (both inside and outside the home) couple friendships, learning and growing together.

Family – Time together and listening, parenting, connecting with parents and siblings, family activities.

Friends – Same gender/different gender, activities together, ways to provide support.

Work – Leadership, management, networking with colleagues, mentoring, social activities for business, professional growth.

Social – Connecting according to shared interests, hobbies or causes (spiritual, political, environmental, educational), volunteering, contribution to the community.

You owe it to your good health to maintain and nurture your relationships. Nothing is more effective than a good and meaningful chat. 

Mindset Monday Challenge

Take some reflective time to consider these questions:  How are you sharing yourself?  How much time and energy do you devote to your relationships?  Who are the most important people in your life?  Do you tend to focus on just one or two people and neglect others?  How could you re-ignite some other?

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