How Do You Handle Price On Your Website

While enjoying a networking coffee date with a friend that is busy revamping her business website, I asked: “how do you handle price on your website?”  Her reply was that she does not address the subject because she customizes her service to the needs of her client.  I decided to address this issue in today’s issue of Mindset Monday.

I Did A Google Keyword Search

  • For the phrase “How much does it cost?” there are 4457 searches per month;
  • Then I did some random searches such as “coaching prices” and “cost of a website”.  The numbers were astonishing.

The Lesson

It’s a question that a lot of people want to know as they research something they are in need of and want to purchase.

A Worthwhile Read

Marcus Sheridan deals with this issue in his book They Ask You Answer in a very interesting way. He says there are three reasons many companies don’t deal with the price on their website:

  1. “Every situation is different.  Our prices vary”
  2. “Our competitors will find out what we charge”
  3. “We’ll scare customers away”

This raises the question “who is your website there to serve?” – Your business or your audience?  It brings to mind a quote I remember from Chris Brogan:  “Business is the act of serving others”.  Make your website serve the needs of the viewer!

Look At Your Site Through The Eyes of Your Visitor

Sometimes that’s difficult for us to do because we know so much about our business.  Then it would make sense to seek some objective feedback from someone who knows nothing about you or your product/service.  If you need someone, check out my Get Focused-Get To Work service.

Here’s a Treat

A video interview with Marcus Sheridan to hear his thinking in his own words:

Mindset Monday Challenge:

When was the last time you reviewed your website?  Who does it serve?  Would it make sense to create some questions to ask an objective viewer to answer?  Do you need to find a good observation service?
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    • Hey Janice – Glad you enjoyed it. I particularly loved the parting exercise on finding the reasons why people would not buy from you. The book too is well worth the time reading it.


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