How To Be Your Own Boss

What does it take?  My research tells me that many people search the term “How to Be Your Own Boss”. That signals a desire for independence but “your own boss” carries an atmosphere of being told what to do.

Being Your Own CEO (Chief Executive Officer) on the other hand says that I am in charge of something that has importance and potential.  This is the term I have chosen for my work with solopreneurs because it carries with it an entrepreneurial attitude.

So what does it take?  

Following are ten observations gained from client experiences as well as my own:

  1. A balanced life that involves – 
    • Good health maintained by regular exercise, good nutrition and moderate consumption.
    • Good community with stimulating colleagues and friends.
    • An interest outside of business activity such as sports, crafts, or volunteering.
  2. Clarity about entrepreneurship with eyes wide open.  See Advantages and Disadvantages of Being Self-Employed.  
  3. The right skills, knowledge and qualities.  See Entrepreneurial Skills and Qualities.
  4. The discipline to get and stay focused.  See How To Get Focused.  
  5. An entrepreneurial mindset:
    • Knowing there will always be competition out there and so competing only with yourself;
    • Expecting and enjoying change;
    • Confidence that the future holds positive potential;
    • Knowing there will be both successes and failures;
    • Accepting that business systems are a must.
  6. Organization:
  7. Continuous research and learning.  See Why is Professional Development Important for Solopreneurs.
  8. Dealing well with isolation – Knowing that working for and by yourself can be lonely and finding ways to develop professional relationships;
  9. Persistence, Patience and Bounce-back Ability
    • Developing a plan;
    • Following the plan;
    • Adjusting as and when required;
    • Remembering that success rarely happens overnight;
    • Remembering to acknowledge and celebrate your successes.
  10. Knowing when you are stuck and immediately seeking help rather than procrastinating.  See Why You Need A Business Coach.

Mindset Monday Challenge

From your own experience, what would you add here?

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In my workstyle-lifestyle coaching work I love helping solopreneurs find direction, stay motivated and build systems that both support and promote their business. A great place to begin is the Solopreneur Evaluation Tool that will tell you where you need to put more time and energy.

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