How To Create A Course Online – A Collaborative Experience

In this post, I share a great collaborative experience as we explored how to create a course online.  Following a fiasco using a WP plugin, I had decided to explore other ways of posting a course on my website.

How To Find My Passion Course

One of my blog posts could lend itself to being expanded into a course and my Being Your Own CEO Success Circle friend Vivek Rao (a talented programmer) suggested we try just using the Google products that I use on a regular basis.  We created How To Find My Passion  – I provided the course content and Vivek took us through the process of using Google Doc, Forms and Sheets.  Vivek had created a communication system for me in the past called Chipmunk, so I had some understanding but certainly little expertise in coding.  Our experimentation continued as I converted another blog post, Financial Management, for my website.

Financial Management
Business Mastery Plan

It was great to provide the free courses as a support to my solopreneur audience but when it comes to my own business development, it seemed logical that I should receive some revenue from my efforts.  So we learned how to set up PayPal and Stripe and incorporated the payment systems into the next course Business Mastery Plan For Solopreneurs.

At this point, pretty sure we had developed something worth sharing with others, we gave a presentation to the Success Circle – Create Online Courses For Free.  The reaction from the group was very encouraging.  They suggested we create a course teaching others to create their own courses.

At this point, we stopped to discuss how we wanted to proceed.  We created a relationship agreement and gained some clarity about our target audience avitar Alex.  And since we both have our own websites, we had to decide where this new course would be hosted.  It seemed logical that we should create a new site just for courses:  The development of this site constituted another learning curve since we decided to use the block editor rather than the classic editor that we were both familiar with.  You can hear all about our experiences when we unveiled the course and website to the same Success Circle – Online Course Writing

We are now in the beta testing phase which you will see on our landing page of   Of Course Course.

It is now time to share what we have created with a wider audienceI created a short promotion video and share an overview of the creation process with the intent of encouraging other solopreneurs to consider creating their own courses on their own websites using familiar Google products and without spending a lot of money on plugins.  See How To Create a Course On A Website.

How To Create A Website Course

If you have questions about our process, I would be happy to answer them. here.

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