How To Engage A Prospect

Solopreneurs must above all other skills, know how to engage a prospect so that they are able to sell enough products or services to make a living.
A prospect is a potential client who has expressed a need for the product or service that you offer and has the ability to pay.   This means that we must give them every opportunity to express that need; they must be able to find us in a way that is convenient for them.

There is a variety of ways to engage a prospect, but they must fit the prospect’s comfort level: 

  • Your phone – You must be ready to respond immediately and personally – no phone ques or voice mail.
  • Your location –  If you do not serve your client from a brick and mortar location, you must be easy to find via other methods
  • Your website – When they do a “topic + City” Google search, will they find you?
  • On Social Media – Does your information pop up frequently? Do your posts lead searchers back to your website?
  • Local or national listings – Do these listing lead the searcher to your website?

 Once the prospect finds you, you must find the quickest and easiest way to to have a conversation.  Here are some ideas to try:

  • Invite a personal message via Social Media platform
  • Your Website provides an opportunity for them to e-mail or phone you.
  • Website outlines the buying process and prices
  • Website provides a method for them to qualify themselves by completing a questionnaire
  • Website links to a platform called Appear InGoogle Meet or Zoom that allows face-to-face conversation

The conversation must be cordial and focused – Your most important tools lie within you – your ability to ask questions and listen:

  1. What can you do to help this person?
  2. Do they express a sense of urgency?  What do they need or want?
  3. Do they buy into your unique selling proposition?  Your big benefit.
  4. Do they have the money?
  5. Do they have the ability to say yes?

Mindset Monday Challenge:

Review the ways that prospects can find you and decide what improvement you can make to your process.

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