How to Get Focused

There are many reasons solopreneurs reach a point where they are just spinning their wheels in no particular direction. This piece seeks to answer the question many of us ask ourselves – How do I get focused?

Why Do We Often Feel Unfocused?

  • Too many things to accomplish so the brain begins to flit from one thing to another trying to remind us of all those To-Dos;
  • The time crunch brings about a great deal of paralyzing stress and more brain flitting;
  • Upcoming tasks are things that we dislike doing or don’t feel confident about.
  • We see a number of possible options and can’t decide which to choose;
  • Our vision and goals lack clarity;
  • We spend way too much time watching the news feeds on social media;
  • We have external pressures (from family and community) that pull us away at the wrong time.

How To Get Focused Journal

  1. Spend some quiet time creating your Business Mastery document.  This will become something to refer back to when you feel your focus slipping.  
  2. Review all the roles you play – Being Me, Business Owner, Householder, Spouse, Parent, Child, Volunteer, etc.. Determine what outcomes you desire for each and the part you must play.  Include this information in your Business Mastery document.
  3. Perform a brain dump and list every task (related to ALL your roles) you’ve been thinking about recently.  Now classify each item according to which role they belong to.  Assign importance (A, B, C) and a time frame.  
  4. Create a To-Do List with reminders to ensure the important things get done in the coming week.  List them in order of priority.  I use Google Keep for this but there are lots of other programs that work very well.

How To Stay Focused

  1. At the end of every week review your current reality in relation to the vision and your roles.  Your next steps will be very obvious. Add these steps to your To-Do list for next week.  Review your appointment Calendar for the coming week and determine the best times to cover these tasks.  
  2. Do some calendar blocking.  Decide on the best times (in relation to your energy level and client flow) for desk work, client work, marketing work, learning work.
  3. Get rid of distractions:
    1. Silence your phone and e-mail
    2. Organize your desk.  Clear away the clutter so that you can focus on one thing at a time
  4. Follow the same, consistent routines on a daily, weekly and monthly basis so that everything gets covered and your stress levels are reduced.
  5. Before beginning a task –
    1. Ask yourself
      1. Why is this important?
      2. What outcome am I seeking?
      3. How long do I have to complete this?
    2. Then set the stage with coffee or water, the right location and music that helps to hold the focus.  I use because melodies and lyrics are distracting to me.  
    3. Set your timer
  6. Take a break between tasks to refresh your brain and make note of the satisfaction you get from task completion.

Here’s What I Know About the Foregoing

Gaining the clarity provided by creating a Business Mastery document really helps with maintaining focus on the important things day-to-day. However, it often requires the help of a coach to get you started.  Sic – It takes focus to get focused!  You can set up a conversation with me about this by visiting my website here.   

Your Mindset Monday Challenge

Ask yourself:  “Am I focused on what’s important or am I going in too many directions?”  “What would I gain from some clarity about this?”

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