How To Plan Your Retirement

Here are some important things to think about as you consider how to plan your retirement. This will be of interest to those who are about to retire or who have just retired from their main career. Following are some typical statements I hear from clients and friends. Tick off the ones you have heard yourself say.

Typical Statements and Feelings

How To Plan Your Retirement
  • I’m done! I’m tired and burnt out and I don’t want to plan anything;
  • I just want to do what I feel like doing;
  • I’m sick of working on computers;
  • I want to spend more time with my family now that I have the time;
  • I want some fun! I want to do things (play bridge, golf, sing, etc.) – anything that’s not ‘work’;
  • I want to take the trip to exotic places I always dreamed about;
  • I’ve got to fix up the house/garden that’s been neglected too long;
  • I want to sleep in till I can’t sleep anymore and I want to stay in my PJs all day if I want to;
  • I want the time/energy to focus on my health.

These statements are an indication that some de-stress decompression time is needed to rest and rejuvenate. Some folks will take several months to get to a totally mellow place. However, it’s important to avoid allowing this rest time to become a habit. You know – sleeping, watching TV and doing nothing day after day. This is dangerous! Ask yourself “Do I want this for the next 20 to 25 years?” We must not forget that old phrase “use it or lose it”. So once you are rested, it’s important to do some reflection and planning so that you maintain your health and vitality.

How To Plan Your Retirement

  1. Look at your physical health. Now that you have the time, plan how and what you will do so that you can do the things you want to do whether it’s in the home or outside. How will you improve and maintain your strength and balance? How will you avoid getting on the medication train?
  2. Consider how you will keep your mental health so that you maintain your memory and ability to make your own decisions.
  3. Reflect on ways that you will maintain your interest in the world around you. How will you find something to do that is meaningful to you, that makes a difference in some way. In other words “ What is your reason for living?”
  4. Now, look at how you will avoid the isolation that many folks experience as they age. Science is now showing that people who live a long and healthy life, are those who are still connected to a community.
  5. Do some analysis of your finances. Do you have enough income to maintain your lifestyle? How will you avoid becoming a bag lady or becoming dependent on your children?
Journal Writing | How To Plan Your Retirement

I always recommend using a journal to record your ideas, plans and feelings that will help to move you forward. But if you are unable to answer these very basic questions, you may be interested in my complimentary course Building A Retirement Career. It’s not really about career in the traditional sense, but it covers all the important questions for planning. These are the topic areas:

Take Charge of Your Third Age – Name the emotions | Where Am I Now? – Take A Clean Sweep | It’s Never Too Late – Financial Workbook | Get Your Stuff Organized – Create the Info Binder | Discover Who You Are – Personal Development & Values | Successful Retirement – Defining It | Sort Out The Options – Invitation to What’s Next | Take Care of Your Technology – What will you need? | Plan Decompression Time – Letting Go | Celebrate the Beginning of a New Life – Remember community.

You can sign up here: Building Your Retirement Career

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